Park Hopping With the Family

The Snoqualmie Valley is full of fun things to do for the whole family, like a day of park hopping! This self-guided tour includes riverside beaches, a 500-ft suspension bridge, a journey back in time to the railway days, and stunning views of Mt Si. Bring your bikes and have fun on the trails in and around each park.

Since time immemorial, Tribes have lived on, cared for, and governed their ancestral homelands including lands and waters within the area designated as the Greenway NHA. Please treat the lands you visit with respect and take time to learn about Tribal heritage and the importance of these lands to the Tribes in the region. Before you head out, check out these tips to help you be a responsible visitor!


  1. Depot Park and McCormick Park

    Start your day in Duvall. Park your car at  Depot Park and head down the hill to the riverside McCormick Park. Enjoy sitting next to the Snoqualmie River while the kids play in the sand. You can also enjoy a bike ride on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail, which runs right next to it. If you need a hot beverage or snack, just head uphill one block to downtown Duvall and note the numerous art installations along the way.

  2. Tolt MacDonald Park

    Next, drive ten minutes south on Route 203 to Carnation’s Tolt-MacDonald Park. This 574-acre park is full of fun things to see, including the big red barn and the stunning 500-foot suspension bridge. The bridge spans the Snoqualmie River and leads to miles of forested trails. Stop on the bridge and look through the art scope to see a holograph of the old bridge. And look down! You may see salmon migrating during the fall.

    You can also enjoy the series of trails and boardwalks on the east side of the river. This area is bordered by the Snoqualmie and Tolt rivers and is full of wetlands. Keep your eyes peeled for beavers and other wildlife! 

    There’s also a trail from the park that connects right into downtown Carnation where you’ll find cute cafes and pizza joints.

    Photo by Merrill Images
  3. Snoqualmie Depot

    Continue south on the scenic Route 203 through the Snoqualmie Valley. At the traffic circle near Fall City, take the second right onto Route 202 to head upstream towards Snoqualmie. As you approach downtown Snoqualmie, watch for the diverse collection of historic rail cars along the right side of the road. Stop in at Northwest Railway Museum’s Snoqualmie Depot. This historic depot is open year round and you can even take a ride on a historic train! Discover how the railway changed the landscape and culture of the region, and feel the excitement of a working railroad.

    After your visit to the museum, you can cross the street to peruse the fun shops full of treasures and sweets.

    Snoqualmie depot
  4. Tollgate Farm Park

    Continue about five minutes to your final stop – Tollgate Farm Park in North Bend. Part park and part farm, Tollgate sits squarely in front of majestic Mount Si. Kids can have fun on the playground or bring out the bikes and enjoy the the one-mile loop trail around the cow pasture. 

    baqʷab (known to many others as the Meadowbrook and Tollgate area) has been an important place to the Snoqualmie people since time immemorial. Included in their creation story, the prairie was once rich with camas, chocolate lily, and other traditional foods, and the Snoqualmie people stewarded baqʷab using practices including traditional burns which supported the native plants and wildlife who call the area home.

    Have more energy and want to explore more? Just a couple blocks to the south is historic downtown North Bend. Enjoy more views of Mount Si while you explore this fun town. You can also stop in at the Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum and hear stories about the Valley.