Environmental education does more than bring science to life.

Outdoor learning experiences foster teamwork, nurture the imagination, increase students’ sense of ownership over their learning, and instill a conservation ethic. For more than two decades, we have been engaging 4th-12th grade students in King County with high-quality, science-based outdoor learning opportunities that are aligned with WA State learning standards, and are affordable and fun.

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All of our curriculums include five parts that build upon each other to create a meaningful learning experience:

  • We provide materials for you to teach an introductory lesson.
  • A Greenway Educator teaches a 1-hour in-class lesson that prepares your students for their upcoming field study trip.
  • The field study trip is the best way to reinforce concepts presented in the classroom. Students spend a full day engaging in a hands-on science investigation while they explore a Pacific Northwest forest ecosystem.
  • During a 1-hour reflective lesson, students make connections between their field study trip and protecting forests near their community.
  • The capstone of our program is the service-learning stewardship event, which gives students an opportunity to take action. Depending on the season, students plant native trees and shrubs, remove invasive plants, or work in our native plant nursery.

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