Request for Proposal: Public Relations Support

The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust (Greenway Trust) is seeking proposals from qualified public relations firms to develop and implement a media relations plan that will generate earned media that increases positive public awareness of the Greenway Trust’s brand, mission, and work. See full RFP details below.

RFP: Public Relations Support


Public Relations Support for the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust 

RFP Released: 2/6/2024 

Responses Due: By 5 p.m. on 3/1/2024 


The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust (Greenway Trust) is seeking proposals from qualified public relations firms to develop and implement a media relations plan that will generate earned media that increases positive public awareness of the Greenway Trust’s brand, mission, and work. 

The Greenway Trust is a Seattle-based nonprofit organization that promotes public-private partnerships to conserve and enhance the Mountains to Sound Greenway National Heritage Area (Greenway NHA), a 1.5-million-acre scenic, historic, transportation, and conservation corridor in Washington state. With a focus on conserving biodiversity, fostering community engagement, and promoting responsible outdoor recreation, the Greenway Trust endeavors to ensure the protection of critical habitats, trails, and historical sites while encouraging public access to parks and open space.  

Specifically, we lead coalitions and build partnerships to conserve and restore natural lands, open spaces, and historic sites; build and maintain recreational trails; engage with students through our environmental education program; advocate for stewardship of public lands; encourage sustainable recreational access; lead a robust volunteer program; and so much more. We are also the coordinating entity for the congressionally designated Greenway NHA.   

The work we do would not be possible without the partners that we collaborate with every day. The Greenway Trust is a catalyst for collaborative action, convening diverse interests to pursue common causes. We work together to tackle challenges and plan for the future of this incredible landscape and the people who live, work, and play here.   

This Request for Proposals (RFP) seeks a qualified public relations firm to collaborate with the Greenway Trust in amplifying its mission and initiatives through strategic PR support that develops, implements, and reports on the success of an earned media strategy. 


The Greenway Trust has an array of compelling stories and projects that deserve media attention, but the organization lacks the bandwidth and expertise to effectively pitch these narratives to the media. Additionally, the Greenway Trust struggles to discern newsworthy content and lacks extensive reporter relationships. 

This will be the organization’s first time investing in outside PR support. With that in mind, we seek a firm that will provide honest guidance about how to best shape our timeline, proposed scope of work, and budget to maximize our nonprofit budget’s effectiveness.  


The primary objectives of this PR support initiative include: 

  • Increase positive public awareness and recognition of the Greenway Trust and its mission, vision, and values. 
  • Inspire more people to support, volunteer, or participate in the Greenway Trust’s projects and events. 
  • Drive more traffic to the Greenway Trust’s website and social media platforms. 
  • Enhance the Greenway Trust’s reputation and credibility as a leader and expert in environmental and recreational matters within the region. 
  • Establish the Greenway Trust as a go-to source for reporters seeking expert insights on environmental and recreational matters within the region. 
  • Increase awareness of the Mountains to Sound Greenway National Heritage area and its significance to our region.  
  • Increase understanding of how to visit the Greenway NHA responsibly and with respect to Tribal heritage. 
  • Build confidence and understanding among key Greenway Trust staff members related to fielding and maximizing media opportunities. 

Scope of Work: 

  • Developing and executing a media relations plan and annual organizational PR strategy that will help the Greenway Trust maximize impact with available budget. 
  • Helping to train and guide key Greenway Trust staff who will be involved with PR efforts to feel more comfortable and confident in this space.  
  • Establishing impactful KPIs that can help the organization and its leaders understand the ROI of PR efforts. 
  • Evaluating Greenway Trust projects, stories, and events for newsworthiness and strategic pitching to appropriate media outlets. 
  • Cultivating relationships with reporters across various media outlets to increase familiarity with the Greenway Trust and our mission. 
  • Generating earned and active media coverage in local publications, focusing primarily on the Washington state audience. 
  • Providing strategic PR counsel to select Greenway Trust staff to help capitalize on opportunities and increase effectiveness of coverage.  
  • Collaborating with Greenway Trust staff, partners, and land management agencies to tell shared stories as necessary (much of our work is partnership based). 

Desired Experience and Expertise: 

We seek PR agencies with demonstrated expertise in: 

  • Identifying newsworthy content in the conservation, environmental, recreational, and/or destination marketing space.  
  • Strong media relations with local Washington state outlets. 
  • Crafting persuasive pitches tailored to diverse media platforms. 
  • Establishing organizations as subject matter experts in their respective fields. 
  • Generating impactful coverage to increase brand awareness. 


RFP Released: 2/6/2024 

Responses Due: By 5 p.m. on 3/1/2024 

At this time, the Greenway Trust envisions PR efforts that focus on key pushes during busy periods of the year, typically between the spring to the fall (approximately 5-6 months in 2024). However, we would like to collaborate with the selected agency to determine the appropriate contract length, pacing, and timeline for the scope of work that maximizes our budget and return on investment. Please speak to your recommended timeline and pacing in your response. 


The current allocated budget for PR support is up to $15,000. We invite proposals outlining how this budget will be utilized effectively to achieve the desired outcomes, including a timeline for spending. 

Submission Guidelines: 

Proposals should include: 

  • Company overview and relevant experience. 
  • Overview of team members who would be assigned to our scope of work 
  • Approach and strategies for meeting the Greenway Trust’s objectives. 
  • Proposed contract length, timeline, and breakdown of activities (high-level is okay). 
  • Budget allocation and justification. 
  • Examples of successful relevant media placements. 

Evaluation Criteria: 

Proposals will be evaluated based on: 

  • Relevance of experience and expertise. 
  • Clarity and feasibility of proposed strategies. 
  • Relevance of experience and expertise
  • Alignment with Greenway Trust’s goals and desired outcomes. 
  • Approach to evaluating and communicating results 
  • Budget utilization and value for investment. 

Contact Information: 

All inquiries and submissions should be directed to Katie Egresi at