Request for Proposals: Kiosk Update Project

We are seeking an interpretive consultant to update nine large informational kiosks across the Greenway NHA. Responses due by Tuesday, May 7, 2024 at 5 p.m. PST.

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The purpose of this project is to provide professional services to complete trail improvements for the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust, working in partnership with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources.

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Request for Proposals: SALESFORCE Consulting Services (NPSP repairs, improvements)

The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust is seeking a qualified Salesforce consultant to assist with CRM software repairs and improvements, including custom code on the NonProfit Success Pack model. We invite you to submit a proposal in response to this Request for Proposal (RFP). (Details below or available in PDF.)


The Greenway Trust is a Seattle-based nonprofit organization that promotes partnerships to conserve and enhance the Mountains to Sound Greenway National Heritage Area, a 1.5-million-acre scenic, historic, transportation, and conservation corridor in Washington state. We work to conserve and restore natural lands, open spaces, and historic sites; build and maintain recreational trails; engage with students through our environmental education program; advocate for stewardship of public lands; encourage sustainable recreational access; lead a robust volunteer program; and so much more. The Greenway is valued by a broad cross-section of society, working together as an effective coalition to conserve this place and its heritage for future generations.

How we use Salesforce:

Salesforce touches all Greenway Trust operations and programs including donor and volunteer management, event management, education program management, partner and project tracking and more.

Purpose: Repair current Salesforce system failures; enhance efficiency of donor, volunteer, and event management, program tracking, and general Greenway Trust operations.

Objectives and Scope of Work:

Our primary objective is to repair current system failures that have led to broken processes and workflow errors to allow teams to work seamlessly in Salesforce.

We have encountered errors with several of the ways in which our teams use Salesforce, with the greatest impact on volunteer, donor, and event management. We have identified some errors which occur on a regular basis. We also want to work together with the consultant to help us identify any other errors or needed repairs as a part of a Salesforce “health check” and review or install any corresponding Salesforce Release Updates.

The errors we frequently encounter seem to be primarily related to Apex code timeouts and/or failing workflows. Here is our working list:

  • Apex code errors (primarily when working with bulk records).
    • We frequently encounter “Apex CPU time limits exceeded” timeout failures Priority examples:
      • Within Campaigns when updating large quantities of campaign members at once (for example, when trying to “combine campaigns”) a timeout error is encountered
      • Within Campaigns when triggering workflows such as sending built-in template emails (“agenda emails”) to campaign members, a timeout error is encountered
      • Within the Volunteer for Salesforce app when trying to “Mass edit volunteer hours” a timeout error is encountered
  • Broken template emails (Campaign “agenda emails” for events)
  • Broken flows
    • Examples include errors in flows that create or update records

Other improvements or updates needed:

  • Review flows for errors
  • Migrate flows from Process Builder
  • Release Updates: install and review any user impacts with staff Salesforce administrators.
  • Overall “health check” of our system and work with staff Salesforce administrators to identify what tasks need to be completed. Determine what can be completed by staff or needs to be included in the consultant scope of work.

There is potential for continued work to enhance and streamline processes, improve data management and workflows, and enhance constituent relationships management (donors, volunteers, event participants, partners, community audience) and make repairs as needs arise. Consultant would work with Greenway Trust staff Salesforce administrators to identify needs to include in any continued scope of work/agreement if mutually agreeable.

List of current apps/packages in heavy use:

  • Nonprofit Success Pack
  • Volunteers for Salesforce
  • Campaign Monitor for Salesforce (email marketing platform)
  • Apsona for Salesforce
  • Click & Pay Suite (Click & Pledge donation/payment processing)
  • Consultant Qualifications:
    • Experience with Salesforce implementation and customization.
    • Certifications and credentials related to Salesforce administration and development.
    • Track record of successful Salesforce projects, preferably with the Nonprofit Success Pack model, the Volunteers for Salesforce app, building flows and Apex code programming.
    • Alignment with organizational values: Inclusive, Collaborative, Trusted, Positive, Pragmatic, Impactful. Defined at
    • Any additional skills or expertise relevant to the project.
  • Budget:
    • The current allocated budget for Salesforce consulting is up to $30,000. We invite proposals outlining how this budget will be utilized effectively to achieve the desired outcomes, including a timeline for spending.  
  • Additional budget information: We are also interested in receiving estimates for ad hoc work or a monthly retainer model for continued work beyond the scope of this request into the future, if applicable to your services.
  • Proposal Submission Requirements:
    • Detailed breakdown of proposed services and associated costs.
    • Timeline for project completion, including milestones and deliverables.
    • Proposed methodology or approach to address the project requirements.
    • Information on the consultant team members who will be involved in the project.
    • If possible: References from past clients, preferably with similar project scopes.
  • Evaluation Criteria:
    • Experience and expertise in Salesforce consulting.Cost-effectiveness and value proposition.Timeliness and feasibility of proposed project timeline.Quality of proposed methodology and approach.
    • Demonstrated understanding of the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust’s needs and objectives.
  • Proposal Submission Instructions:
    • The priority deadline for proposal submissions is June 30, 2024

The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal received in response to this RFP. We appreciate your interest in working with us and look forward to reviewing your proposal. If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Stephanie Huck at 425-507-5421 or

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