Development Coordinator/Manager 

The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust works to steward a diverse landscape that stretches 100 miles from the shores of Puget Sound across the Cascade Mountains to Central Washington. Designated a National Heritage Area in 2019, the Greenway encompasses 1.5 million acres (with 900,000 acres in public ownership), two million people, 28 cities, three major river systems, and two Interstate highways. Its working lands support vast hay fields and grazing cattle to the east, evergreen timber to the west, and farms from organic produce to solar energy. Its protected alpine wilderness includes recovery corridors for wolves, grizzly bears, and other species once hunted to regional extinction. Its expansive access to nature, including 1,600 miles of trails, is the heart of Washington’s $20 billion outdoor recreation economy.

Vast natural resources, the nation’s 15th largest metropolitan area, and many competing interests create the potential for conflicts. Navigating these conflicts, with the goal of conserving that precarious balance between natural and built environments, is the founding and enduring purpose of the Greenway Trust.

An early pioneer of what is now known as “collective impact,” the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust was founded on the belief that to grow in harmony with nature instead of consuming it, the full community must be engaged. The goal of conserving this region’s wild and green character brought together the spheres of government, industry, and private nonprofit organizations for the first time. Collaboration, compromise, and common good were the rules of engagement. We are proud to say that, three decades later, they still are.

Job Description:

The Development Coordinator/Manager shares responsibility for raising operating and program funds with the Director of Development, working closely with the development and communications teams to engage the community in supporting the Greenway Trust’s work. Key responsibilities include event planning, donation processing, data management, grant proposals, and corporate giving. Strong writing skills are a must. Ability to manage timelines, juggle multiple projects, and shift priorities on the fly are keys to success in this position.

This posting is for one position, which will be hired either at the Coordinator or Manager level, depending on candidate experience.

Desired Skills

For Coordinator level, core skills include:

  • Curating events that center the guest experience in every aspect of the planning process, using even the smallest details as opportunities to build trust and connect people with the organization and mission
  • Writing compelling and inclusive fundraising appeals that invite participation and communicate clear calls to action
  • Collaborating effectively and proactively with internal communications/marketing team to improve donor recruitment and retention and supporter experiences
  • Writing clear and compelling grant proposals
  • Researching, developing, and stewarding a pipeline of individual or corporate donor prospects

For Manager level, candidates should have additional experience including:

  • Leveraging events to maximize program storytelling opportunities and highlight timely projects
  • Leading corporate giving prospecting and retention efforts
  • Creating and improving processes and resources that set up staff, board members, and other supporters for success as fundraisers and storytellers
  • Collaborating with board members and supporters to deepen partnerships, celebrate progress, and connect with initiatives
  • Driving continuous improvements in data quality and reporting; leveraging these to identify untapped fundraising and engagement opportunities, and improve cross-team collaboration

Primary Responsibilities:

Donor Engagement

  • Manage gift outreach and acknowledgment process, including staff assignments and messaging considerations
  • Develop copy, recipient lists, and planning resources for seasonal appeals and special giving campaigns
  • Manage and improve donor web resources and giving infrastructure
  • Conduct donor prospect research and collaborate with directors and program managers to foster connections

Corporate Giving

  • Conduct corporate prospect research and manage pipeline of potential sponsors
  • Solicit corporate donations and event sponsorships
  • Collaborate with emerging and existing corporate sponsors to calibrate impactful investments and engage employees through volunteerism and special events
  • Collaborate with Volunteer team to customize sponsor experience, increase retention, and communicate giving expectations
  • Track and steward employee matching gifts

Data Management & Reporting

  • Oversee Salesforce donor records management and data hygiene
  • Regularly review supporter contact records for accuracy and map connections
  • Curate and improve fundraising metrics and event reports
  • Support Communications team by providing targeted contact reports and mailing lists during special campaigns

Fundraising Events

  • Participate in strategy and planning throughout event lifecycle
  • Create and distribute attendee resources, including communication series and website resources
  • Collaborate with board members on filling tables and navigating solicitations
  • Generate and improve reports to keep staff informed of needs and progress, and to derive actionable engagement insights

Salary & Benefits: Coordinator level: $24.52 – $29.33/hour ($51,000 to $61,000 annually). Manager level: $28.85 – $36.06/hour ($60,000 – $75,000 annually). The Greenway Trust offers a generous benefits package to our employees including an employer-sponsored medical, dental and vision plan, paid vacation and sick leave, retirement plan and more.

Reports To: Director of Development

Work Schedule: Full-time non-exempt position. Base Mon-Fri work week, with occasional travel locally.

Work Location: This position is currently hybrid, work at home and the Greenway Trust office at 2701 First Ave, Suite 240, Seattle, WA. Monthly meetings with the full Greenway staff are in Seattle or Issaquah.

Where to Apply: Send a cover letter and resume explaining your interest and capabilities to Your cover letter should not exceed two pages, and should include the following:

  • Your perspectives and/or experience connecting with historically less represented communities.
  • Your perspectives on place-based conservation at a local/regional level
  • Your thoughts on the Greenway Trust’s position in a busy and active conservation community

Applicants invited to interview with the Greenway Trust will also be asked to provide three references related to previous experience.

About the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust


The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust leads and inspires action to conserve and enhance the landscape of the Mountains to Sound Greenway, ensuring a long-term balance between people and nature. 


The Mountains to Sound Greenway National Heritage Area is an iconic 1.5-million-acre landscape that connects Central Washington, the Cascade Mountains, and Puget Sound. The Greenway promotes a healthy and sustainable relationship between people and the land by preserving a balance between built and natural environments. The Greenway landscape provides places for nature and wildlife, for culture and tradition, for outdoor recreation and education, for working forests and local agricultural production, while embracing vibrant urban areas. The Greenway is valued by a broad cross-section of society, working together as an effective coalition to conserve this place and its heritage for future generations. 

The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust exists to serve as the agent of our community’s collective will to care for the lands and waters that are so foundational to the quality of life here in this place. The Greenway Trust is a beacon for optimism and a model for how things can be accomplished when we come together under shared purpose in an otherwise politically and socio-economically polarized world. The Greenway Trust provides the “table” for collaboration and serves as the glue that combines resources and expertise from across the community to do good for this place. This is reflected in our large and diverse Board of Directors and in the varied backgrounds of the Greenway Trust’s stakeholders. The Greenway Trust, at its essence, is a coalition consisting of nonprofit organizations, businesses, public agencies, community groups, recreational organizations, local governments, and passionate volunteers, working together on a common objective: to protect and preserve the precious natural heritage that is the Mountains to Sound Greenway. The work of the Greenway Trust benefits each of the millions of people who live in or regularly visit the Greenway each year. Even for those who do not actively use its hundreds of trails, rivers, or parks, the Greenway brings enormous benefit to residents. Its forests clean the air they breathe, its rivers provide the cleanest drinking water in the nation, and its connected natural lands promote a thriving ecosystem.


  • Inclusive: We engage, listen to, and learn from people with diverse perspectives and experiences. We challenge ourselves to reflect our diverse and changing communities.
  • Collaborative: We accomplish more when we work in partnership with others. We celebrate the accomplishments of our partners.
  • Trusted: We demonstrate integrity through our actions and build long-term relationships based on mutual respect. We deliver on what we promise and strive to exceed expectations.
  • Positive: We seek common ground. We stay focused on the promise of our long-term vision for the Greenway, even when challenges are great. We search for the “yes.” We enjoy each other’s company.
  • Pragmatic: We seek actionable solutions that steadily advance our long-term vision and achieve greater good.
  • Impactful: We are creative problem solvers who focus on achieving tangible results. We take a holistic view that considers how parts fit together.

Equal Opportunity Provider:

The Greenway Trust is committed to providing equal opportunity for all employees and applicants without regard to race, color, religion, creed, national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, ancestry, genetic information, use of a service animal, honorably discharged veteran, military status, political ideology, personal appearance, family responsibilities, or any other characteristic protected under federal, state or local law. Each person is evaluated on the basis of personal aptitude and merit.