Photos of people walking around Duvall

With great public art, beautiful parks, interesting history, and a vibrant Main Street, there’s so much to explore in Duvall. This new Duvall Walking Guide will help you to experience it all with several different routes taking you past the city’s best highlights. Be sure to allow some time for shopping local and enjoying delicious food and drinks along the way!

Physical activity is one of the best ways to prevent disease, and walking is one of the easiest ways to get started and stay healthy. Walking also helps strengthen community connections and reduces traffic congestion and pollution. It is our hope that this map of city parks, walking routes, and points of interest will inspire you to get out, get moving, and explore all that Duvall has to offer!

The walking guide was created with support from the City of Duvall and the Port of Seattle.

Duvall Walking Guide


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