The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust native plant nursery is a container nursery located in Lake Sammamish State Park. It is home to more than 30,000 native trees and shrubs that will be used for habitat restoration projects throughout the Mountains to Sound Greenway National Heritage Area. 

From the very start of their journey with the Greenway Trust, these trees are cared for by volunteers. At the nursery, volunteers pot these trees and shrubs. Then, after they have grown in our nursery for about two years, volunteers will plant these plants again, this time in their final homes in urban forests, parks, and open spaces throughout the Greenway NHA landscape.

The nursery is a perfect activity for families and groups (youth 13 years and under must be accompanied by an adult).  Activities at the nursery include: potting up bare root plants (read more about these plants here), organizing numerous rows of potted plants, weeding plants, and clearing the nursery of debris and weeds. 

Nursery Tasks:

December & January: Organizing. Volunteers help rearrange rows to accommodate new plants and help us prepare for potting season.

February – April: Potting season. Volunteers place yearling trees and shrubs into 2-gallon pots where they’ll grow for one to two seasons.

May – August: Weeding season. Volunteers help ensure potted plants grow strong by removing unwanted sprouts from inside the pots.

October – December: Planting season. Plants are removed from the nursery to be installed at restoration sites by volunteers and staff.