Twin Peaks Tour

Twin Peaks fans will love this tour of the Valley highlighting various locations from the cult TV hit. Stops include the majestic Snoqualmie Falls, the eerie “Ronette’s Bridge” and the  “Double R Diner” – home of the classic Cherry Pie.


  1. The Roadhouse

    Start off with breakfast at The Roadhouse Restaurant and Inn in Fall City. The exterior of the Roadhouse is evident in the scene where Donna Hayward sneaks off to a bar and sets off a brawl in season one.

  2. Snoqualmie Falls

    Next, head south on Highway 202 to Snoqualmie Falls and Salish Lodge & Spa. Enjoy the soul-changing, dramatic view of the waterfall that appears in the show’s opening credits.

    From time immemorial, the Snoqualmie Tribe has considered the Snoqualmie Falls sacred – its birthplace of creation. Mists from the thundering 268–foot waterfall carry prayers to ancestors, and the Falls provide the gifts of food, water, life, health, and healing. Today, the Snoqualmie Tribe warmly welcomes all visitors to this sacred place to experience its power in their own way.  

    Parking:  the lot on the right side of Highway 202 requires a fee, while the larger lot on the left side of the Highway is free.

    Observe the the falls from a paved walkway that includes multiple viewpoints.  For some exercise and a different view, hike down a trail to to the river (1.4 miles round trip, 250′ of elevation change).

  3. Great Northern Hotel

    After taking in the Falls, walk over to the Salish Lodge & Spa (the Great Northern Hotel), which served as the home base for FBI agent Dale Cooper. Visit the gift shop or one of the Lodge’s dining spots for a meal or a drink with a view!

  4. Centennial Log

    Head back to your car and continue east on Highway 202 to historic Snoqualmie and visit the enormous, 12 foot in diameter Centennial Log, featured in the pilot episode.

  5. Twin Peaks Sheriff's Office

    Next up is the Old Weyerhaeuser Mill, AKA Packard Sawmill/Twin Peaks Sheriff Office. The small office building served as the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department office for exteriors (series) and interiors (pilot). It is currently the home of Dirtfish Rally School.

  6. Ronette's Bridge

    Just down the road is the Reinig Bridge (Ronette’s Bridge), a bridge that now carries the Snoqualmie Valley Trail across the river. In the Twin Peaks pilot, Ronette Pulaski, a classmate of Laura Palmer, is discovered wandering across this bridge after having been attacked. After checking out the bridge, take a few minutes to walk down the Trail and take in the beauty.

  7. Double R Diner

    End your tour with a famous piece of Cherry Pie from Twedes Café (Double R Diner). The scenes for the diner were filmed at Twede’s Cafe, where Dale Cooper enjoyed the pie. After your treat, take in the beauty of the commanding Mt Si that towers over North Bend and gave the show its name.