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Virtual Forest Bathing Walk

Date & Time
Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Event Overview

Join UW Botanic Gardens and Cascadia Forest Therapy for a unique virtual forest bathing opportunity. Forest bathing (or shinrin-yoku) has been popular in Japan for decades and is gaining momentum in the US. The practice encourages you to walk in the forest (or the space available to you) at a slower pace and take in the atmosphere around you. Multiple scientific studies have shown that it lowers stress and blood pressure levels, while increasing immune system functioning, making you more resilient to diseases and illness.

These walks are slow-paced and can take place in any space. All participants will be joining the call from their individual space (whether in nature or home) where they can practice safe social distancing. If going outdoors, we encourage you to stay close to home and follow social distancing guidelines. During the walk the guide, in partnership with the forest, will offer an evolving series of invitations crafted to help participants slow down and open their senses. The opening of one’s senses encourages mindfulness, which readies the heart and mind to be fully present in the natural world. Come discover the medicine of being in the forest.

At the end of the session we will conduct a tea ceremony. Since we cannot share tea in person, you are encouraged to bring your own tea or beverage of choice to sip during the ceremony.

Cost: $25 Register Online or call (206-685-8033) Here are some helpful guidelines about virtual forest bathing walks from the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides: Getting Started Our virtual forest bathing walks will be using Zoom. ‍Click here to Download the Zoom App for your phone. You can join using a phone or internet connection.

Comfort For those able to be outside, we suggest that you dress appropriate for the weather and maybe a little warmer than usual since you will be moving slowly and possibly sitting on the ground. Having a small mat, bag, or cushion to sit on can also be nice. For those of you inside, may we suggest sitting near a plant(s) and/or a window with a view outside, if possible. Guides will be sharing their view, so you can "experience" the outdoors through your screen as well.

Group Etiquette Please practice Group Etiquette by keeping your phone on mute unless invited to share. In the bottom left corner of your screen, there is a little microphone. Click on it to mute or unmute yourself. In order to ensure the best experience for everyone, please commit to fully participating while you are on the group call and refrain from answering texts or emails.

Location ONLINE Presenter Michael Stein-Ross, Cascadia Forest Therapy Contact Information urbhort@uw.edu; 206-685-8033