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Invasive Removal

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Date & Time
Saturday, April 5, 2014
Priority Area:
Salmon Run Nature Park
Where to Meet and Parking Information
From I-90 E, take exit 17 for Front St toward East Lake Sammamish Parkway Southeast. After getting off at the exit, continue right onto Front St N (signs for Front Street).Turn right onto NW Gilman Blvd and then turn left onto NW Juniper St. Next, take your first right onto 5th Ave NW. Look for Greenway events signs and staff. Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/HGW5rLJgCan

Salmon Run Nature Park is a small park with a large connection to the City of Issaquah's long-term effort to restore salmon habitat along Issaquah Creek. Restoration efforts along 450 feet of stream include the addition of more than 100 logs and stumps in the stream to provide pools and refuge for salmon. Excavation in the creek bank and floodplain will provide refuge for salmon during flooding. Volunteers will help revegetate the creek banks by planting native trees and shrubs that will cool the creek and improve ecosystem health.
After a brief project orientation and safety briefing, we will begin diving into work planting native trees and shrubs. The Greenway Trust provides all of the tools, technical training, and oversight for the projects—no experience required.

[47.539754, -122.043556]