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A Tale of Two Crises: Climate Change in the Time of Coronavirus

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020
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Global warming and pandemics are arguably existential threats and both require aggressive international action, institutional leadership, structural reform, and behavior change to address. Yet these challenges are also fundamentally different. So can the response to the novel coronavirus teach us anything about dealing with climate change or will the disease derail progress in curbing emissions? And what are lockdowns teaching scientists about our planetary system? The next enthralling episode in the Climate Science on Tap series highlights these contemporary crises facing our society. Join us for thought-provoking presentations and Q&A. We bet it’s the most interesting thing you can do while sheltering in place!


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Kimberly Cartier, PhD, Eos, science news by the American Geophysical Union

Eric de Place, Sightline Institute

Nives Dolsak, PhD, School of Marine and Environmental Studies, University of Washington