Constructing the Powerlink Trail on Tiger Mountain

If you have ever explored the three summits of Tiger Mountain State Forest, you know that East Tiger Summit provides a fantastic view of Mount Rainier.  But getting to that majestic vista has always required climbing a steep, unappealing dirt road.

That is all changed now. When the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (WADNR) approached the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust about building an up-trail to the summit, we loved the idea. What a great addition to the trail system in the state forest! The new trail is named the “Powerlink” and connects to an existing down-trail known as the East Tiger Summit Trail.

Eric Carabba, owner of Backwoods Construction, building the Powerlink Trail.

After several months of work of both building the trail and removing tons of garbage, which included an abandoned car wedged behind a tree, the new trail is now open and being enjoyed by the public. This is a “blue” system trail, so while easy to hike, it offers a challenge for mountain bikers, and is well suited to those who have ridden so deep into the forest already.  The new up-trail is 0.6 miles in length and climbs over 300 feet to reach the summit of East Tiger Mountain. The trail is not necessarily less steep than the fire road, but it is a much-welcomed alternative to the road slog, and great new addition to the overall Tiger trail system.

Some of the trash pulled from the trail

Powerlink was designed by Sam Jarrett, WADNR Statewide Trail Specialist, and built by Backwoods Construction, with finishing touches by WADNR and Greenway trail crews.

Visitors to East Tiger Summit can use the Tiger Summit Trailhead, located on SR 18, south of exit 25 on I-90.

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