Each year at our Annual Dinner, we celebrate individuals and organizations who have made a great impact within the Mountains to Sound Greenway and embody our values. You can read more about the awards and recipients below, and click here to view the achievements celebrated in our 2021 Parade of Accomplishments (plus a few bonus items!).

Greenway Hall of Fame

The Greenway Hall of Fame honors those whose contributions have left a permanent and positive legacy on the Mountains to Sound Greenway, and who inspire all of us to do our own part to care for this amazing place.

2020 Recipient: Charlie Raines

In honor and recognition of a lifetime of achievements in land conservation, ensuring the magnificent forestlands of the central Cascades are preserved for future generations; for his leadership in pursuing the most important parcels for conservation and value to the public; in appreciation for his ability to act as mentor, teacher, and writer; for his capacity to wear more hats than humanly possible, including, but not limited to, the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust, Forterra, the Sierra Club, the Cascade Checkerboard Project, the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition, and the I-90 Wildlife Bridges Coalition; and in gratitude for his tireless devotion to protecting our natural environment.

Past Recipients:

1995 – Builders
Charles Bingham, Priscilla Collins

2000 – Builders
Jennifer Belcher, Slade Gorton

2002 – Builders
Ron Sims, Cleve Pinnix

2007 – Builders
The Osberg Family, Nancy Keith

2012 – Builders
Peter Goldmark


1995 – Pathfinders
Brian Boyle, Harvey Manning

2000 – Pathfinders
The Boeing Company, Martin Rosen, Ted Thomsen

2002 – Pathfinders
Jim Ellis

2003 – Pathfinders
Ken Konigsmark

2012 – Pathfinders
Sally Jewell

2014 – Pathfinders
Bill Chapman


2016 Hall of Fame
Doug and Kristi McClelland, Peter Goldmark

2018 Hall of Fame
Tom Gibbs

2019 Hall of Fame
Terry Lavender

Jim Ellis Spirit Awards

The Jim Ellis Spirit Award honors the example that he set from the very beginning of the Greenway, recognizing individuals who embody the Greenway values of collaboration, inclusion, trustworthiness, positivity, and pragmatism.  These values guided Jim’s life of service and they infuse every aspect of our work. 

2021 Recipient: Cristy Lake

In recognition of her steadfast commitment to preservation of cultural heritage in the Snoqualmie River Valley, including her heroic rescue of railway cars and artifacts from a museum closure to be cared for at the Northwest Railway Museum; her personal investment in retention and interpretation of regional history at the Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum; and her stellar contributions to the Mountains to Sound Greenway National Heritage Area Advisory Committee to help preserve an abundance of narratives for future generations.


2021 Recipient: Katherine Hollis 

In recognition of her leadership of Eastrail Partners and many accomplishments to develop the 42-mile Eastrail corridor from Renton to Woodinville with connections to neighborhoods, parks, and transit, which will transform active transportation for communities east of Lake Washington; her leadership in the Outdoor Alliance and Mountaineers, with her articulate and compelling support for Mountains to Sound Greenway National Heritage Area legislation; and her excellence in building diverse constituencies and driving collaborative action on behalf of trails and access to the outdoors.  

2021 Recipient: Patricia Garvey-Darda 

In recognition of her steadfast advocacy for wildlife and forest health in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest; and for her long-term support of the I-90 Snoqualmie Pass East project, with its iconic wildlife overpass and multiple underpasses that bridge critical gaps in the north-south wildlife migration corridor, ensuring safe passage for wildlife along with improvements for travelers in the heart of the Mountains to Sound Greenway National Heritage Area.  

Past Recipients:

Aleta Eng, Dave Peterson

Craig Mabie, Matt Mechler, Kelly Heintz

Nikki Fields, Scott Nicolai, Sasha Shaw, Brian White

Paul Schmitt, Andrea Imler, Taldi Harrison


Certificates of Merit

Joanna Buehler, Craig Lee, Gary Locke, Cleve Pinnix, Terry Wallgren

Mark Boyar, Michele Brown, Aubrey Davis, Pete Machno, Lee Springgate

Paul Carkeek, Wade and Tania Holden, Jack Hornung, Maryanne Tagney Jones, Larry Phillips, Arlene Wade

Bill Dues, Ruth Ittner, Morris Jenkins, Cascade Land Conservancy, Doug McClelland, Osberg Family, Ron Sims

EarthCorps, Jim Lyons, Faith Roland, Mark Sollitto, Washington Trails Association, Everett White, Youth Volunteer Corps

Jeanne Ehrlichman Bluechel, Bonnie Bunning, Jerry Henry, Tara Houck, John Karlson, Peggy Leonard,Margaret Macleod, Mary Norton, Paul Schell

Sally Luttrell-Montes, David MacDuff and Talus, Harry Morgan, Charlie Raines, Staff of Lake Sammamish State Park, Ira Spring/Spring Family Trust for Trails, Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition

Paul Cooke, Joan Simpson

Dave Battey, Fuzzy Fletcher, Leon Kos, Faris Taylor

Rich Grillo, Louis Musso, Janet Wall

Sue McLain, Dennis Neuzil, Joan Thomas

Peter Spiro, Doug Sutherland

Carter Subaru, Ava Frisinger