For nearly 25 years, the Greenway Trust has played an active role in environmental stewardship and ecological restoration within the Mountains to Sound Greenway National Heritage Area. From riparian and instream habitat restoration directly tied to the improvement of the salmon life cycle and water quality to the surveying and controlling of invasive and non-native weeds, we have sought to maintain our world-class backyard that is home to a unique diversity of plants and animals.

We mix Greenway Trust-sponsored AmeriCorps members, seasonal Restoration Crew, private contractors, and Greenway Trust staff resources to complete site preparation.

Our most recent projects include:

On many of these projects, the Greenway Trust has worked with the land management agencies from start to finish including helping to find and secure public and private grant funds and contributions. Many of these funding sources come from government programs and we regularly share the stories of our successful projects with legislators to ensure funding is held up for future restoration projects not just in the Greenway, but all communities.


Legislative Priorities

Puget Sound Corps

The Puget Sound Corps employs veterans and young adults to restore the health of waterways and forests, providing job training in a diverse set of land management skills.

Natural Areas Facilities

The funding would enhance DNR’s ability to manage the best examples of ecosystems and landscapes in Washington, and to increase opportunities for people to visit conservation lands – such as the Mt Si and Middle Fork NRCAs – for recreation, outdoor education, and research.

Rivers and Habitat Open Space Program

This program provides financial compensation to forest landowners for permanent conservation easements of essential riparian forests within critical floodplain and forest habitat areas for state-listed threatened or endangered species.

Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB)

Without matching dollars from SRFB, critical salmon habitat projects across the state would be unable to take advantage of significant federal funding.

Puget Sound Acquisition and Restoration Fund (PSAR)                                  

PSAR funds implementation of the highest priority habitat and restoration priorities throughout Puget Sound. The Puget Sound Partnership works with local entities to identify and prioritize the most effective projects to restore salmon populations.

Floodplains by Design Program 

This program works to reduce flood risk and restore habitat along Washington’s major rivers by leveraging funds and completing priority flood management projects across the state.