Jon Hoekstra

Executive Director

With the Greenway Trust since: 2015
Jon leads the Greenway as Executive Director, working with the Board of Directors, staff, and partners to collaboratively conserve the Mountains to Sound Greenway landscape. Jon brings to the Greenway a unique blend of scientific understanding, strategic problem solving and communication skills. Before joining the Greenway Trust, he served as Chief Scientist for the World Wildlife Fund, and led a variety of strategy and conservation initiatives at The Nature Conservancy. While Jon enjoys traveling around the world to explore wild places, he always loves coming back home to Seattle and the Greenway landscape that he and his wife have called home for 20 years.

Tor Bell

Field Program Director

With the Greenway Trust since: 2002
Tor is responsible for the oversight and management of the Greenway Trust Stewardship Program, which includes the recreation, volunteer, and restoration programs. Tor grew up in Port Orchard, hiking and scrambling over the Kitsap Peninsula and got to know the Mountains to Sound Greenway through his role as Volunteer Coordinator for the King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks. Tor began his career working in the communications arena before taking an interest in ecological restoration while with King County. Tor is an avid outdoorsman, who likes to climb, snowshoe, backpack, and is in the process of hand-building a beautiful kayak.

Amy Brockhaus

Deputy Director

With the Greenway Trust since: 1995
Amy’s dedication to the Greenway mission has served the organization as it has grown from a two person office to over 16 year-round staff members.  With a broad mix of skills and expertise, Amy has held many positions at the Greenway Trust in financial management, office administration, fundraising, and communications. Her current role includes working with the Greenway board, technical advisory council, and broader coalition to prioritize work across the landscape around recreation planning and advocacy, environmental education, and working to connect regional trails. In her free time, you can find Amy hiking, biking, and skiing around the Greenway with her family.

Tony Allison


With the Greenway Trust since: 2008
Tony was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, and has always been drawn to its natural world of mountains, forests, and ocean beaches. He holds a graduate degree in Marine Affairs, and worked for many years in international fisheries. Subsequently Tony became a certificated teacher in 2003, and taught social studies at the high school and middle school levels in Seattle. More recently he spent five years as an educator and field trip leader for science-based programs at Washington Park Arboretum and the Greenway, and has developed curriculum for new programs at both places. As part of his continuing education Tony has attended numerous classes, seminars, and field trips related to the natural world of the Pacific Northwest; is a member of the Naturalist Study Group of the Mountaineers; and established an environmental education exchange program with a botanical garden in eastern Russia.

Jessica Brosman

Grants & Special Events Coordinator

With the Greenway Trust since: 2013
Jessica assists the Fundraising team with organizing events, donor stewardship, grant writing, and other fundraising efforts. Prior to joining the Greenway Trust, Jessica studied at Washington State University (Go Cougs!) and spent her summers working at farmers markets across western Washington. Jessica likes to hike, camp, and recently completed her first marathon.

Evgeny Burlyaev

Restoration Crew Member

Evgeny found his interest in the environment and environmental issues in high school and decided to pursue that new found interest at the University of Vermont. Evgeny graduated from UVM in 2015 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Science with a course focus on Ecological Design. He also pursued a minor in Green Building and Community Design. After graduation, Evgeny worked for a national lake management company as a Water Quality Specialist in New Jersey. In this role, he had the opportunity to work with aquatic and terrestrial invasive species, and gained extensive experience in pesticide application techniques. Evgeny is excited to join the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust team and looks forward to working in a new environment. In his free time, Evgeny enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, snowboarding, volleyball, and soccer.


Mackenzie Dolstad

Senior Manager | Stewardship

With the Greenway Trust since: 2010; staff member since 2012
Mackenzie is responsible for all of the behind-the-scenes action in the Stewardship Program – grant writing and reporting, budget management, tracking projects, and providing assistance and support to the rest of the staff. Mackenzie started with the Greenway Trust as an intern on the Heritage Study project (the precursor to the National Heritage Area campaign), then served for a year as an AmeriCorps all-purpose Individual Placement with the Greenway Trust through the Washington Conservation Corps. When he’s not analyzing a spreadsheet, Mackenzie can be found biking, hiking, and pursuing other outdoor activities.

Lizzy Dowd


With the Greenway Trust since: 2017
Lizzy joined the Greenway Trust as a service member from AmeriCorps through Washington Service Corp. After her term, she joined staff as an environmental Educator, assisting in educating and engaging students from King County on the importance of conserving their local environment. In 2015, Lizzy graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with aspirations to work to conserve the environment. Some interests of Lizzy’s include nature photography, hiking and reading.

Kate Fancher

Restoration Associate

Prior to becoming a Restoration Associate with the Greenway Trust, Kate graduated with a Bachelor of Science with a major in Environmental Science and Terrestrial Resource Management focusing in Restoration Ecology and Environmental Horticulture in September of 2018 from the University of Washington. She completed her senior capstone project on restoring a parcel of land in Yesler Swamp along Lake Washington. She enjoys camping, hiking, spending time outdoors, and giving back to her community through volunteer work.

Chloe Hacker

Restoration Associate

Chloe joins the Greenway Trust as an AmeriCorps Restoration Associate. She recently graduated with her B.A. in Environmental Biology from Columbia University where her interest in restoration and land management grew. As an Arizona native, she is excited to spend time transitioning from desert dwelling to a new landscape.  While familiarizing herself with the mountains of the northwest she will be supporting the Greenway’s restoration projects. In her free time, Chloe is probably hiking, biking, cooking or reading and expanding her knowledge of the flora and fauna of the northwest!

Dan Hintz, M.E.H.

Restoration Project Coordinator

With the Greenway Trust since: 2016
Dan is responsible for coordinating maintenance efforts and leading volunteer events at the many restoration project sites throughout the Greenway.  Dan grew up outside of Chicago and attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison where he studied economics before moving to Seattle to serve as an AmeriCorps member with EarthCorps. Since then Dan has lived in Washington and worked restoration jobs for local government, non-profits and a private contractor.  Dan finished his Master of Environmental Horticulture degree at the University of Washington just after joining the Greenway in spring of 2016. In his spare time Dan enjoys hiking, skiing, playing guitar, watching baseball and reading books about history

Stephanie Huck

Operations Coordinator

With the Greenway Trust since: 2016
Stephanie joined the Greenway Trust to coordinate office administration and operations, finance and coalition meetings. After a childhood of poking around beaches and streams and becoming inspired to connect people with nature for years to come, Stephanie earned a B.A. in Environmental Education from Western Washington University in 2009 and continued on doing work with conservation and outdoor education programs in the Puget Sound region until stepping into an administration role with the Greenway Trust. Stephanie likes to hike, garden, and play Frisbee with her dog.

Ben Hughey

Policy Lead

With the Greenway Trust since: 2012
Ben provides mapping, analysis, and research support on projects in a variety of Greenway Trust focus areas. He is involved in the National Heritage Area designation campaign, ongoing land conservation work, and the Greenway’s efforts in the Snoqualmie and Yakima watersheds. Ben originally joined the Greenway Trust as a Trail Technician building the new trail up Mailbox Peak in the summer of 2012. Before joining the Greenway Trust, Ben studied geography and sustainability at Dartmouth College. Ben’s enthusiasm for the outdoors originates in his hometown of Sitka, Alaska, where he spent several seasons deck-handing on fishing boats and building trails on US Forest Service crews.

Rosanna Jensen

Communications Manager

With the Greenway Trust since: 2018
Rosanna is the creative storyteller that brings to life the beauty of meaningful connections made throughout the Greenway, including the communities of the Savor Snoqualmie Valley initiative. Her passion for photography plays a visual role in how she notices the detail of a Bracken Fern thriving in a restored habitat, a visitor eyeing fresh produce at the local farmers market, or the wide grin of a volunteer planting a tree. Rosanna grew up scouring the woods and trails of Granite Falls before pursuing a career in communications. A proud Husky Alumni, Rosanna established her experience in non-profit social impact work, followed by community partnership projects at King County Parks. Rosanna and her family live on a 5-acre farm in Port Orchard, along with a herd of Icelandic sheep, a mischievous pair of goats and a growing number of chickens, some of which lay blue eggs.

Becca Kedenburg

Education Program Manager

With the Greenway Trust since: 2013
Becca joined the Education Program in April 2013 after earning a B.A. in Environmental Education and a B.A. in Spanish from Western Washington University in 2012. Spending her childhood exploring the Pacific Northwest’s mossy trails, rocky beaches, and forested mountains inspired in Becca a deep-rooted incentive to inspect environmental systems and share that knowledge. By helping students understand the intricate connections between humans and nature, Becca hopes to inspire them to be first-class stewards of the environment.

Stephen Keimach

Restoration Associate

Stephen is a Restoration Associate working through AmeriCorps for his first term this year. His passion for nature, recycling, and composting was born and bred (like him) in Berkeley, CA. Graduating from UW with a Bachelors in Environmental Science and Resource Management in 2017, he has pursued working outside as much as possible. He participates in a handful of sports such as backcountry skiing, downhill longboarding, and climbing. He is extremely excited for the winter to bring snow in the mountains, and also for the spring and summer to bring dry roads and rocks. There are no days off for him in the PNW!

Waymon Lei

Restoration Associate

With the Greenway Trust since: 2017
Waymon works alongside Greenway Trust staff on core stewardship projects such as invasive plant removal, native plant installation, and trail maintenance, in addition to assisting with community engagement efforts. Before joining the Greenway Trust, Waymon worked on a restoration crew with Washington Conservation Corps, and studied biology and restoration ecology at the University of Washington. Waymon is passionate about ecological restoration, plants, and music.

Zan McPherson

Volunteer Program Associate

Zan joins the Greenway Trust’s volunteer program after finishing her studies in environmental sociology at Whitman College. She spent two summers in Northern Michigan working in outdoor education/sustainability and one summer in Washington, D.C. working in climate science policy. As a native Seattlite, she is happy to be back exploring and learning about the ecology of Western Washington. She is especially interested in the ways social systems and norms impact outdoor spaces. In her free time, Zan can be found sailing, making music, having existential conversations, and appreciating nature in all its forms.

Lauren Merrill

Restoration Crew Member

Lauren joins the Greenway Trust as a restoration crew member, promoting ecological health through invasive species removal and native plantings. After two years as an AmeriCorps member at a National Wildlife Refuge, she is eager to tackle more habitat management. She has a degree in environmental science from the University of Delaware, and was lured to the West from her home in New Jersey by public land and tall mountains. When she isn’t learning northwestern plant species, Lauren enjoys hiking, playing board games too competitively, bird watching, and other outside activities.

Joe Olbrych

Middle Fork Maintenance & Operations Specialist

With the Greenway Trust since: 2014; staff member since 2016
Joe is responsible for leading and assisting with all aspects of the Greenway Trust’s collaborative coalition-based efforts to improve the maintenance and operations of recreational infrastructure in the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River Valley. He works closely with land managers and partner organizations to coordinate and lead on-the-ground stewardship and community education efforts across the landscape. Joe joined the Greenway Trust in 2014 as a Washington Conservation Corps (WCC) member, serving a term as an individual placement in the Volunteer Program. Joe received a B.A. in outdoor education and travel writing at Hampshire College in Western Massachusetts where he grew up and developed a passion for the outdoors. When not working, Joe is probably out exploring the Middle Fork.

Maryann Olson

Restoration Crew Assistant Lead

Maryann moved from Charleston, SC to attend the University of Washington and to be closer to the mountains. After completing a degree in Earth and Space Sciences, she served a year with Washington Conservation Corps on a restoration crew. Maryann enjoys spending her free time mountaineering, backpacking, running, and skiing.


Nicky Pasi

Upper Yakima Community Coordinator

With the Greenway Trust since: 2017
As the Community Coordinator in upper Kittitas County, Nicky initiates and supports collaborations with other organizations and individuals to build positive connections between local communities and public lands, with goals of improving recreational access to public lands and engaging people in education and volunteerism to care for their lands and waters. Nicky’s past experience includes working with the Yakima Basin Integrated Plan, leading community outreach with American Rivers, work as a naturalist and environmental educator in Miami, Florida, as well as coordinating volunteer efforts for animal services organizations. She is thrilled to join the Greenway Trust and bring her experience together in furthering the Greenway’s mission.

Wallis Robinson

Restoration Associate

Wallis is excited to be a Restoration Associate with the Greenway Trust. She previously lived in California, where she gained experience in conservation ecology, forestry, and a bit of tree climbing. She is looking forward to developing a career that melds ecological functionality with urban and park design. As a former resident of hot and sunny places, she is particularly happy to be living in a place that rains regularly and is eager to explore local greenspace. In her spare time, she can be found playing various instruments, trail running, or dyeing things with mushrooms.

Carlyn Roedell


With the Greenway Trust since: 2013
Carlyn taught gifted students for 38 years in the Highline School District, grades 2 through 6. She enrolled her students in the Greenway Education Program for many years and vowed that when she retired she wanted to work for the Greenway. She retired last year and we feel honored to be working alongside her. She has a Masters in Special Education from Seattle University and loves to teach all subjects, but has a special love for outdoor education. Carlyn is a native Northwesterner and has lots of good stories about growing up on a farm where the airport is now located.

Maria Sheldon

Education Associate

Maria is an AmeriCorps Education Associate with the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust. She graduated from Western Washington University with a B.A in Environmental Studies and a Minor in Environmental Education. She has been involved in a variety of projects and volunteer work regarding education, urban planning, and sustainability. Born and raised in Seattle, Maria loves exploring the local flora and fauna while hiking, biking, skiing, and sailing. She is passionate about education, community building, environmental and social justice, food, and music. Her hopes are to be involved in a community that fosters conscious and compassionate stewards of the earth.

Samantha Smiley

Restoration Crew Lead

Samantha is the Assistant Lead for the Greenway Restoration Crew. She grew up with the Cascade Mountains in her backyard which inspired her to connect with nature. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Science through Oregon State University. Samantha’s past experiences include restoration work with Washington Conservation Corps, and wildlife rehabilitation at Chintimini Wildlife Center. In her free time she enjoys hiking with her dog, gardening and beekeeping.

Lindsay Spangler

Education Associate

Lindsay graduated from Virginia Tech in 2012 with a B.S. in Environmental Resource Management and minor in Forestry. She lived abroad in Thailand for a year teaching English and Science and decided to combine her teaching experience with her environmental degree to pursue a career in environmental education. She grew up on the East Coast and is excited to explore the PNW and be a part of the Mountains to Sound Greenway team. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, being outdoors and hiking, nature photography, and yoga.

Margaret Ullman-Hess

Senior Manager | Public Engagement & Snoqualmie Valley

With the Greenway Trust since: 2008
Margaret manages a variety of programs that help connect people to the spectacular Mountains to Sound Greenway, including overseeing two strategic initiative areas: the Snoqualmie River Valley and the Urban/Edge Communities. Margaret joined the Greenway Trust in 2008 to lead the stewardship volunteer program, before launching the Greenway’s membership program in 2012, and then leading communications until 2018. When she’s not leading hikes and trips for the Greenway, Margaret can be found out in the mountains hiking, backpacking, skiing, and snowshoeing.

Caroline Villanova

Volunteer Program Coordinator

With the Greenway Trust since: 2017
Caroline joined the Greenway Trust team after a year on a Washington Conservation Corps restoration crew for Snohomish County Surface Water Management. She received a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Vermont, and has spent the past two years learning all there is to learn about the Pacific Northwest flora and fauna. While Caroline loves connecting with volunteers, she also loves spending time hiking, biking, cooking (and eating) delicious food with friends, knitting, and wood burning designs into reclaimed wood.

Hannah Wheeler

Restoration Crew Member

Hannah is a Restoration Crew Member and supports projects throughout the Greenway. Hannah grew up in Maple Valley and attended college at Boston University where she graduated in 2016 with a degree in Ecology and Conservation Biology. Hannah first started working with the Greenway Trust in 2016 through Washington Service Corps as a Restoration Aide. Her love of native plants brought her back to the Greenway, and to the University of Washington Botanic Gardens where she volunteered in the Herbarium. When she is not at work, Hannah enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, and generally exploring nature.

Michael Woodsum

Director of Development

With the Greenway Trust since: 2011
Mike Woodsum is the Director of Development at the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust. He has spent fifteen years fundraising for nonprofits in the Seattle area, and identifies the Greenway’s balanced mission and pragmatic approach as the perfect fit for his personal priorities. Mike works closely with staff leadership and board members to oversee all fundraising efforts by the Greenway Trust. When he isn’t raising money for the Greenway, Mike is often out exploring its rivers, trails, and alpine lakes as an avid fly fisherman. Mike lives in Edmonds and has a daughter who just turned eight.