Please do not leave your bags of trash at parks or trailheads. Even if there is a trash bin at the location, it is not the proper method for disposing of large quantities of collected trash. Contributing to overflowing bins or leaving piles at parks and trailheads will only add to the trash issue we’re all trying to solve, as it runs the risk of attracting wildlife and causing a major mess and headache for land management agency staff members!

If at all possible, please dispose of your collected trash in your own household waste stream. This is the most effective way to ensure proper disposal. If you need an alternative location to drop off the trash you’ve collected, we’ve worked with a number of partners to arrange the options outlined below. Please only dispose of the trash you’ve collected as part of the National Public Lands Day cleanup campaign, and only use these sites from Sept. 19-26, 2020. This is NOT the place to dispose of personal trash items, and doing so may endanger our ability to work with these partners in the future.

Trash Drop-Off Locations (Active Only From Sept. 19-26)

West side:

City of Seattle Drop off Instructions:

Bring your collected trash to a main intersection near you, and place the trash (contained) in a pile at the intersection (out of the way of walking, driving, and biking areas). Next, report your pick up location and a CIty of Seattle service will come to pick up the trash. Please follow these reporting instructions:

  1. Go to Find It, Fix It
  2. Submit new litter/illegal dumping/needle request
  3. In description – add Love your Lands Clean Up
  4. In type – choose litter

City of Issaquah Drop-Off location:

Dumpster @ High Point Trailhead

Address: 26415 SE 79th St, Issaquah, WA 98027

East side:

Cle Elum Ranger District Compound – Located behind the Cle Elum Ranger District Office. Forest Service staff will have a dumpster available inside the compound gate.

Durr Road – Located on the LT Murray Wildlife Area in Kittitas County. Please leave trashbags piled near the WA. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife information board.

West Taneum Road – Located at the mouth of the Taneum Canyon. Please leave trashbags piled near the WA. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife information board.

Elk Heights Sno-Park – Located ~1 mile up Elk Heights Rd. from exit 93. Please place trashbags in the dumpster provided by WA. Dept. of Natural Resources.

West Fork Teanaway Turnaround – Located at the end of the pavement past the Teanaway Campground. Please leave trashbags in the dumpster provided by the WA. Dept. of Natural Resources.