Working together for a sustainable future


We believe that when we are connected with nature, our lives are better. We are healthier and happier, and our communities are stronger, more equitable, and more economically competitive.

We proudly work in partnership with Greenway Corporate Champions to make this connection with nature possible.

Your company can become a champion by giving at one of four levels. Read below to learn more about the range of benefits that these will provide for your business!


Company eligible to
use Greenway logo in
community outreach

Company name
is listed on:

10,000+ Greenway

Greenway website

Greenway Trust Annual report


All Watershed level benefits with logo recognition, and:

Active Company
link listed on
Greenway website

Company name
listed in Greenway
Trust newsletter

“Lunch and Learn”
facilitated by
Greenway speaker


All Highlands level
benefits, as well as:

Active Company
logo on Greenway

Half-day hosted
tour of key
Greenway locations

Social media

Volunteer event for
25 employees


All Treeline level
benefits with
prominently placed
logos, as well as:

Volunteer event for
50 employees

Guided hikes or
tours of the

Partner support
on sustainability/
stakeholder panels

Our Accountability

The Greenway Trust is committed to using contributions wisely to have the greatest impact on the landscape.

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Our Current Champions

See how our current Greenway Corporate Champions support us!



As a corporate champion, you will also have the opportunity to strengthen your employees’ well-being and teamwork by volunteering with us in local parks, receive invitations to special events like Explore the Greenway Trips, and access a support network for addressing sustainability concerns that impact your business and the communities you serve. All funds support the Greenway Trust’s work to enhance outdoor recreation, mobilize volunteers, engage youth, and restore natural habitats. Read more about how your commitment can make a difference for the health and happiness of everyone in the Greenway.

And for more information on becoming an environmental leader in our region, contact us today!


Michael Woodsum
206.382.5565 x6

Major Greenway Project Sites

Lake Sammamish State Park

Issaquah Alps

Middle Fork Snoqualmie Valley

Rattlesnake Ledge Trail

Raging River Forest

Snoqualmie Point Park

Mailbox Peak

East Lake Sammamish Trail

Snoqualmie Valley Trail

How Greenway Champions Support Healthy Communities

Our region is experiencing one of the fastest population growth rates in the nation. While this is a boon for our economy, it comes with a challenge: our community’s green spaces are under increasing pressure. These parks, trails, and stunning wilderness lands create a quality of life that attracts business and talent from around the world—but their future depends on the support of companies like yours.

As partners of the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust, corporate champions promote the continued economic vibrancy of the region by ensuring that we preserve our natural surroundings, enhancing access to the green spaces we all cherish, and leveraging the energy of our outdoor-loving community for a sustainable future.

Enhancing Outdoor Recreation

  • Building and maintaining trails and recreational facilities
  • Acquiring key parcels for improved public access to natural areas
  • Developing transit options to improve access and relieve trailhead congestion

Mobilizing Volunteers

  • 5,000+ Greenway volunteers work each year to maintain public parks and trails
  • Greenway volunteers plant more than 20,000 trees each year to improve urban canopy
  • Greenway volunteers bring nearly $1 million in annual labor to care for public lands

Engaging Youth

  • 3,000 local students each year study ecology through the Greenway Education Program
  • Over half of students come from diverse communities with highest economic need
  • Students receive STEM-based curriculum in both classwork and field research

Connecting Communities

  • Bridging gaps in the urban trail system, ensuring active transport options
  • Developing transit to trailheads, ensuring greater and easier access to nature
  • Reducing cultural barriers that deter minority populations from accessing public lands

Did you know?

According to independent studies:

  • 57% of those who work for large U.S. corporations want their employers to actively take on environmental and social issues
  • 70% of people – and 83% of Millennials – would be more loyal to a company/brand that helps them contribute to social and environmental issues
  • 79% of people believe companies/brands that stay true to their values outperform others in their field

Spending time outdoors has been scientifically linked to:

  • Improving attention spans and short-term memory
  • Boosting serotonin
  • Increasing empathy and emotional stability
  • Reducing stress levels
  • Enhancing physical health
  • Sharpening creative thinking