Whether it’s restoring forests with new trees, empowering young environmental champions through education, rallying people around deals to put more land in public ownership, or improving river habitat for endangered salmon, so much of our work takes decades to realize its full potential. And it’s the choices we make today that make it all possible.

In other words, we’re in this for the long haul, and we hope you are too! One of the most far-reaching choices you can make right now is to protect the Greenway landscape for everyone who will depend on it for health and happiness in the future – your family, your friends, and all the people who will call this special place home.

You can do this by making the Greenway part of your plans through our exciting new partnership with FreeWill, whose free will-writing tool can help you turn a few minutes of your time into years of care for the lands and communities you love.

Turns out that a lot of people don’t have a legal, up-to-date will – that’s most of the Greenway staff! But we were impressed by how easy FreeWill makes it to create such an essential document, helping us care for our loved ones and shape our legacies in one quick action. This tool gives you the option to pledge a future gift to the Greenway from your estate. And we’re offering it completely free regardless of whether you include us in your plans – it’s a resource worth sharing!

Create a free will

Whether you’re eighteen or eighty, we know your support of the Greenway means you appreciate the hard work and years of time it takes to protect this beautiful region. We’re lucky to have you in the family, and hope you’ll take this opportunity to make the Greenway a permanent part of your life’s story.