Two people kayaking on Lake Union with Seattle skyline behind them
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Become a Corporate Champion

We believe that when people are connected with nature, our lives are better. We are healthier and happier, and our communities are stronger, more equitable, and more economically competitive.   

 We proudly work in partnership with Greenway Corporate Champions to make this relationship with nature possible.   

Greenway Corporate Champions are companies that support thriving Greenway communities, which means healthy rivers and forests; lively cities and towns; strong, connected wildlife corridors; sustainable infrastructure for outdoor recreation; and a next generation that understands the true value of nature. 

Corporate Champions provide the financial support needed to accelerate this transformation, but their role doesn’t end there—they are also empowered to take an active part in it. 

If the following sounds like your company—or what your business aspires to be—we’d love to talk to you about deepening your impact as a Greenway Corporate Champion: 

  • Supports thriving Pacific Northwest communities located in the Mountains to Sound Greenway
  • Invests locally to increase climate resiliency globally 
  • Trusts in collaborative partnerships for long-term, sustainable solutions to our current environmental crises 
  • Advocates for equitable access to natural spaces, understanding that this is vital for every community’s social, economic, and environmental health and wellbeing 
  • Promotes thoughtful stewardship of the landscape through volunteer leadership 
  • Empowers young people to care for the natural world while expanding their career horizons  

By enabling and taking up this work, Corporate Champions help ensure the Greenway landscape continues to be a place where people live, work, and play. Where they can enjoy clean air and water, towering native forests, abundant wildlife, and spectacular trails and rivers. And where their children can flourish in classrooms built by nature. 

Take care of your business, your employees, your customers, and your greater community alike by investing in the future of our region today! 


Robyn Hall