What To Expect Before an Event:

  • Pre-register online. No walk-up volunteering at this time. We need to know what to be prepared for, thank you for understanding.
  • Signed waiver. All volunteers (youth and adult) must have completed the online waiver for every event they attend.
  • Check FAQ’s prior to event.
  • Do not come to an event if you are sick. 

What To Bring To Be Prepared at All Events:

For safety, volunteers are required to wear:

  • Long pants (we’ll be working with tools, so no shorts!)
  • Sturdy, close-toed shoes (absolutely no sandals)
  • Gloves

In addition, we recommend that participants bring:

  • Warm layers, especially during the fall, winter, and spring
  • Sunscreen
  • Rain gear
  • Snacks for break
  • Water for the day (3 liters minimum)
  • Small daypack for food, extra layers, etc.

Volunteer Code of Conduct:

Who we are and how we interact with others are just as important as what we do. When volunteering with the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust, we require that you respect the safety, positive experience, and productivity of all participants and leaders.


  • Respect all members of the community
  • The Greenway Trust does not tolerate harassment of any form
  • Follow directions from the designated event leader(s)

Positive Experience

  • Cultivate an inclusive environment so everyone is free to engage, participate, and learn
  • Exemplify Greenway values: inclusive, collaborative, trusted, positive, pragmatic, and impactful


  • Respect materials, tools, and the environment
  • We value quality over quantity

By signing up to volunteer, I commit to being inclusive, collaborative, trusted, positive, pragmatic, and impactful as I participate as a volunteer with the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust. Thank you for helping create a safe, positive, and productive experience. Our community of volunteers is strengthened by a shared understanding of Greenway values.


Contact us at volunteer@mtsgreenway.org or at 206-473-7238 if you have any additional questions.