Trails and trailheads are maintained by public land management agencies, partners and with the help of volunteers. Recreation projects occur throughout the Mountains to Sound Greenway National Heritage Area, with a focus on projects in the Issaquah Alps, Middle Fork Snoqualmie Valley, and the Teanaway Community Forest. 

Trail events are great for individuals and small groups (all participants must be 14 years or older). Volunteers meet their event leads at the trailhead and hike to the project site together. This involves up to a two-mile hike to the project, and potentially a further hike as the project continues, carrying tools and personal items.  

Types of activities volunteers may participate in at a trail maintenance and construction event: 


Using loppers and hand saws to clear the trail corridor of vegetation and removing obstacles (like fallen logs and loose rock) to keep the trail accessible and visible to trail users.  

Clearing Drains

Whether you have noticed them or not, trails in the Pacific Northwest have a lot of drainage structures to prevent water from collecting on the walkable surface of the trail. With hand tools, volunteers dig and clear drainage ditches and swales.   

Rock Work

Volunteers will collect, organize, and orient existing rocks in the project area to create elevated trail surfaces, drains, and switchbacks.  

Gear Hauls

For large projects with many materials, volunteers will help haul gear, involving many trips to and from the trailhead, to bring materials to a project site. This could include lumber, hardware, or materials for trail crews as needed.  


Salvaging native plants for revegetation, trash pickup, and other trailhead improvement projects.