Virtual Education

You may not be able to get out on Greenway Education Program field trips right now, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop learning about the natural world. Try out some of the activities below!

Forests and Fins

Videos paired with at-home activities all about salmon. Activities include building a stream bug using things you find around your home and making plant identification sheets. You can also watch a virtual field trip!

Next Generation Stewards

Videos paired with at-home activities all about forest ecosystems. Activities include making a model of a forest ecosystem and doing Sit Spots with an observation journal.

Salmon SEEson

The salmon are back! Each fall, salmon make a long, remarkable trek to spawn in streams and rivers across the Puget Sound region. Safely check out self-guided salmon viewing locations near you, while remembering to recreate responsibly! See virtual viewing opportunities and educational resources:

Kokanee Salmon

The Snoqualmie Tribe created a great story map about Lake Sammamish as well as a kokanee salmon workbook.