March of the Vegetables

Tourism in the Greenway

The Mountains to Sound Greenway combines the best of city life with the best in outdoor living.  This unique balance of high quality urban amenities and extensive outdoor recreation has been a magnet that has drawn many to move here, and is a significant draw for visitors coming from outside the region.

From a simple Sunday drive through the Cascades to enjoying activities on the Seattle waterfront to catching a festival in one of the Greenway’s many vibrant communities, people of all ages and interests can enjoy the Greenway.  The Greenway is teeming with outdoor recreational opportunities, vast opportunities to learn about local and natural history, ways to participate in local culture and see extensive urban attractions.  Hiking, museums, festivals, and wildlife watching are just a few of the draws to the area.  These amenities have driven a growing tourism sector in the local economy which is critical for the economic health of this region.

Check out our events calendar to find an opportunity that brings residents and tourists alike together to enjoy festivals and attractions throughout this landscape.