Priority Projects in Upper Yakima Basin

As outdoor recreation continues to grow in the region, the Greenway Trust is teaming up with local partners to improve public access and enhance opportunities for people to connect with nature in the Upper Yakima Basin

Teanaway Community Forest

The 50,000 acre Teanaway Community Forest was established in 2013 with capital funding from the Washington State Legislature.  It is jointly managed by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife.  According to DNR, the Teanaway Community Forest “contains nearly 400 miles of free-flowing streams and prime habitat for fish and wildlife” and “has a history of grazing and timber harvests and offers unique recreation opportunities.” As the first community forest in the state, the Teanaway Community Forest is being managed to achieve multiple, complementary objectives including : to protect and enhance water supplies, to maintain forestry and grazing lands, to provide recreation opportunities, to conserve vital fish and wildlife habitat, and to support community partnerships.

The Greenway Trust has participated in the collaborative management planning process, and continues to partner with the management agencies and other nonprofits like The Nature Conservancy, The Wilderness Society, Washington Trails Association and Kittitas County Field and Stream Club to promote more public engagement in the Teanaway Community Forest.


Towns to Teanaway Project

The goal of the Towns to Teanaway Project is to create a recreation corridor that directly connects the communities of Roslyn and Cle Elum to the nearby Teanaway Community Forest.  Led by the Kittitas County Parks and Recreation District, project partners are actively developing plans for a connected network of non-motorized trails that will link the communities of Ronald, Roslyn and Cle Elum. Trailheads and signed routes originating in each community will make it easier for both residents and visitors to enjoy these trails.

To ensure that people and wildlife both benefit, the trail plan is being developed in conjunction with a larger planning effort to protect wildlife corridors between the Teanaway Community Forest and Cle Elum River.  The Town to Teanaway Project will also tie in with other regional trail networks including the Coal Mines Trail, Rat Pack mountain biking trail, and the cross-state Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail (formerly know as the John Wayne Pioneer Trail).