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Trash Clean Up at French Cabin Creek Camping Area

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Date & Time
Saturday, September 24, 2022 | 10AM-1PM
Priority Area:
French Cabin Creek Camping Area
Project Difficulty
Easy to Moderate. There will be some bending to pick up trash, and volunteers will have the option of dispersing rock fire rings (moving small rocks).
What to Bring

Bring water and snacks. The event ends at 1, and driving out of the forest takes about an hour, so you won't have access to other food until 2!

Wear long pants, close toed shoes, and weather-appropriate layers.

Where to Meet and Parking Information
Directions from I-90 at Bullfrog Road: Take exit 80 on I-90 to Bullfrog Road Turn left onto Bullfrog Road and continue for 2.1 miles At the traffic circle, take the first exit to continue on Bullfrog Road for 0.7 miles At the next traffic circle, continue straight on WA-903 N After 1.5 miles, turn left onto W Nevada Ave W Nevada Ave turns right and becomes WA-903 N/N 7th St. Follow for 4.5 miles Continue straight onto Salmon La Sac Road for 6.9 miles Turn left onto NF-4308 Cross the bridge and park by the kiosks on the left and right sides of the road.

Join the Mountains to Sound Greenway and the USFS to celebrate National Public Lands Day with service! The French Cabin Creek dispersed camping area is very popular, and very deserving of a clean-up. Volunteers will park past the bridge by the kiosks on either side of the road. Be sure not to block access to camping spots! Meet your site lead at the two kiosks to the right of the road to check in and pick up the provided gloves, trash bags, and trash grabbers. You’ll spend your time beautifying the camping area by removing trash from sites on both sides of the river and dismantling rock fire rings. When you’re finished, leave your trash bags, gloves, and tools with the site lead at the kiosks where you checked in.  

[47.356409, 121.109044]