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The World of Carnivorous Plants (WA Native Plant Society)

Date & Time
Tuesday, November 17, 2020
Olympic Peninsula Chapter: The World of Carnivorous Plants by Fred Weinmann

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Plants are amazing! This program will explore the multiple nutritional strategies of plants. We typically think of plants, particularly green plants, as synthesizing their own nutritional requirements via photosynthesis. For typical green plants this concept is true with respect to their source of organic energy; however, it is only part of the story of the nutrients needed by all plants for survival. For many other species a completely different approach, or combination of approaches, has evolved to meeting their nutritional requirements. These approaches range from fully parasitic plants, to facultative parasites to hemiparasites. In addition, and the principal focus of this presentation, are those plants which function as carnivores. Carnivory among plant species has evolved in multiple plant groups and includes numerous methods of prey capture. Both the variety of carnivorous species and their multiple shapes, sizes and capture methods will be discussed.

Fred Weinmann is a wetland ecologist retired from EPA and from teaching botany and wetland classes at the University of Washington. In pursuit of his botanical interests he joined the Washington Native Plants Society in 1976, the year of the Society’s founding. Since then he has been a frequent leader of botanizing field trips across the state. He is past chair of the Central Puget Sound Chapter, the State Board of Directors and the Olympic Peninsula Chapter of the Society.