Use the form below to submit a formal grievance for action that is in violation of the Greenway Trust Whistleblower Policy or Employee Policy. You may also use this form to submit comments or feedback for other concerns that you are uncomfortable sharing directly.

You may submit anonymously but please feel encouraged to share your name or to discuss directly with your supervisor, a director, or board president. The Greenway Trust has a Non-Retaliation Policy for whistleblowers reporting suspected fraud, harassment, or discrimination.

The Greenway Trust will promptly and thoroughly investigate all reports as discreetly and confidentially as practicable. The investigation would generally include a private interview with the person making a report. It would also generally be necessary to discuss allegations with the accused individual and others who may have information relevant to the investigation. The Greenway Trust’s goal is to conduct a thorough investigation, to determine whether a violation has occurred, and to determine what action to take if it is determined that improper behavior occurred.

If Greenway Trust policy was violated, the Greenway Trust will:

  •  Take appropriate disciplinary action against the offending party, which can include counseling, warnings, suspensions, and termination of employment
  • Take steps to stop any illegal conduct and provide relief to any affected employee
  • Take action to deter any future harassment or fraudulent activity

Upon completion of the investigation, the Greenway Trust will provide feedback to the employee who made the complaint (unless reported anonymously).

Feedback/Grievance Form

Grievance Process and Confidentiality 

Based on your choice below, the Executive Director (Jon Hoekstra) or an Operations staff member (Tor Bell or Stephanie Huck) will promptly review this report, and will determine what further investigation is required and what actions need to be taken with any identified individuals or as an organization.

By submitting a formal grievance the Executive Director has the authority to discuss content of a report with Greenway Trust Directors or members of the Board of Directors in order to move forward with dispute resolution, or take legal action if necessary.