Volunteers who work on certain projects on lands managed by State Parks, DNR or WDFW may earn vouchers for every hour they work. Once a volunteer accrues 24 hours or more of vouchers, he or she may submit them for a complimentary Discover Pass. Volunteers may earn one complimentary Discover Pass in a 12-month period. Here’s how it works:

  • Register to become an approved volunteer with one or more of the agencies.
  • Participate in Discover Pass-eligible projects with one or more of the agencies. (Make sure a State Parks, DNR or WDFW volunteer supervisor, coordinator or designated staff member issues and signs your voucher.)
  • Retain your vouchers. These reflect your time spent on eligible projects. (You are responsible for keeping track.)
  • Accrue vouchers totaling 24 or more hours, per person*.
  • Send your vouchers to the address listed on the bottom of each voucher.
  • Receive a complimentary Discover Pass by mail.

Participation in the Teanaway Community Forest 2018 Workday counts towards your voucher hours! To receive credit, please fill out your mailing information below so that Department of Natural Resources staff can send you a voucher for this project. If you have any questions about the voucher program, please contact Stephanie Margheim with DNR.