Trek Talk…The Tunnel Edition!

It was a great day to celebrate our history!

The Trekker Equestrians arrived early to the event, tethering their horses nearby. While they awaited the wagons’ arrival from Crystal Springs (the location of last night’s awesome camp out- a camp out I heard was complete with s’mores and sing song fun (um, bohemian rhapsody anyone?), the riders milled around the trailhead chatting and smiling, obviously feeling the buzz of the day’s events to come.

Soon, groups of people started to arrive to the parking area. I asked some of them what brought them to the event and answers ranged from, “What else would I want to do on a day as beautiful as today?” to “I saw it in the paper and wanted to see what all the fuss was about”. Regardless as to their reasons for coming, it was apparent they were as excited as the Trekkers to christen the Tunnel in celebration.

And what a celebration it was. Cheers erupted from the group in the parking area as the Trekkers on bicycle and in wagons started to arrive. As they rolled up to the gathering, it was clear that the Trekkers had bonded as a group over the past few days. They joked with each other as they parked their bikes and filled up water bottles. After checking their bikes, they assembled in front of a stage to hear remarks from a variety of good people- Tim Schmidt and Don Hoch, both on behalf of Washington State Parks, as well as Kittitas County Representative, Bill Hinkle. Rounding up the group was the Greenway’s own Deputy Director, Doug Schindler.

Remarks and welcomes done, the crowd, now deep with bicyclists, hikers, wagons, horses et al, moved down the trail about a 1/4 mile to the cool and darkened tunnel opening awaiting them. Tim Schmidt invited some fine folks to cut the ribbon: Cynthia Welti- Greenway Executive Director, Bill Hinkle- Kittitas Rep, and Youth Team Trekker, Jordan Sharek. As soon as the ribbon was cut, the bicyclists disappeared into the darkened tunnel follow by hikers and wagons and horses. It was quite a sight to see people enter the Snoqualmie Tunnel and soon completely disappear into the cool darkness!

On the other side of 2.3 miles, the Trekkers and day-trippers enjoyed lunch and a history lesson from Tim Schmidt before carrying on down to Rattlesnake Lake for another beautiful night of camping. I overheard some of the Youth Trekkers talking about looking forward to a dip in the lake…what a great idea after all those miles biked on long hot days!

Tomorrow’s agenda includes hiking over Rattlesnake Mountain down to Snoqualmie Point Park. Come join us tomorrow night for a fantastic evening of live music, food and other delights. The event runs from 5-9 pm at Snoqualmie Point Park. Hope to see you there!