Teanaway Love Day

Partnering to show the Teanaway Community Forest some love through volunteer work

The Teanaway Love Day is an annual volunteer event to complete maintenance and recreation projects in the Teanaway Community Forest.  

In 2013, Washington State protected 50,241 acres in the Teanaway River Basin. This land, the Teanaway Community Forest (TCF), is now co-managed by the Washington Departments of Natural Resources and Fish and Wildlife, with the input of a community advisory committee. The TCF is a working landscape—allowing some permitted grazing and logging—and a major headwater for the Yakima River Basin, as well as a beloved area for hiking, biking, and cross-country skiing.  

Each spring, the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust coordinates with the TCF land managers to organize projects for volunteers such as graffiti cleanup, fence work, campground maintenance, and trail building. Volunteers split into work groups for their projects at the daylong event, and local sponsors provide supplies for the customary cookout and raffle. It’s a chance for the community to care for their forest, which provides for them year-round.