Supporting voices for a National Heritage Area

The Greenway is a special place. Employers want to locate their companies here. Residents can go for a mountain hike or city bike ride after work. Tourists arrive from across the globe. This beautiful place we all enjoy should be officially recognized as the Mountains to Sound Greenway National Heritage Area.

“As the world’s largest online travel company, we understand the importance of place. The Mountains to Sound Greenway, in the backyard of Expedia’s headquarters, is a very special place, and merits official recognition as a National Heritage Area.”

– Brent Thompson, Senior Vice President, Government & Corporate Affairs, Expedia, Inc.

“Waste Management became a supporter of the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust because we appreciate their balanced approach to preserving the land while making it accessible to people.”

– Mary Evans, Area Director, Waste Management

“The Chamber strongly supports protecting green spaces in our region not only to enhance our quality of life and improve our environment, but also to ensure future economic success for our region. Our inspiring landscape and easy access to pristine mountains, lakes, and trails helps our business community attract and retain talent.”

– Maud Daudon, Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.

“As a business organization working to help promote our community, we believe the designation will only continue to enhance the strong brand awareness of our amazing region. The designation will undoubtedly have a positive economic impact for our community through the enhanced exposure it provides.”

– Matt Bott, Greater Issaquah Chamber of Commerce

“As part of statewide park planning, State Parks has developed land use plans for parks throughout the Greenway. Our plans mesh seamlessly with the purpose of National Heritage Area designation. I believe NHA designation will further coalesce the many interests in the Greenway into a cohesive story and continue to promote consensus-based stewardship of it.”

– Don Hoch, Director of Washington State Parks

“National Heritage Area designation can help King County to more effectively and efficiently carry out our role in protecting working farm and forest land, safeguarding the environment, and managing a regional network of trails and open spaces.”

– Dow Constantine, King County Executive

“Our region has a unique history that tells an important part of America’s story. The route through the Cascade Mountains, in the Mountains to Sound Greenway, completed the nation’s final transcontinental railroad, which played a dramatic role in the development of this region and the country.”

– Bonnie Hawk, Northern Kittitas County Historical Society

“Washington State has been blessed by a rich bipartisan history of support for protecting our public lands for future generations. The Heritage area is just the most recent example of this powerful legacy.”

– Tom Uniack, Washington Wild

“We support the National Heritage Area designation as it will create a framework that will greatly assist Trout Unlimited in our goal of protecting and enhancing places for Washington citizens and its visitors to fish, hunt, and recreate.”

– Lisa Pelly, Trout Unlimited Washington Water Project

“The Mountains to Sound Greenway is an important component of Vision 2040, the region’s integrated, long-range strategy for promoting the well-being of people and communities, economic vitality, and a healthy environment.”

– Bob Drewel, Executive Director, Puget Sound Regional Council

“The Greenway is a Pacific Northwest jewel that is rich in history, beauty and recreation potential. Please give this unique place the special designation it deserves.”

– Nora McCord, Resident