Vince Pruis standing in front of a view of Mount Stuart

Vince Pruis

With the Greenway Trust since 2021

As the Teanaway Community Forest’s engagement coordinator, Vince (ze/zir) collaborates with land managers, organizations, and individuals to build greater community involvement in the Teanaway. Ze organizes volunteer opportunities, educational events, and outreach efforts, and zir work includes facilitating the Teanaway Advisory Committee Goal 5 Group. If you’d like to learn more about the Teanaway Community Forest’s history, current management, and ongoing restoration projects, please reach out! Vince’s past experience includes facilitating art workshops for incarcerated individuals; supporting the digital humanities publication Feral Atlas, a virtual un-mapping project about the intersections of human structures and the environment; and conducting semi-structured interviews with Americans about their experiences during the early COVID-19 lockdowns. Ze also writes mediocre poetry about zir favorite area, which, by the happiest of circumstances, just happens to be the Teanaway.