Rosie Llewellyn

With the Greenway Trust since 2023

Rosie Llewellyn (she/her) is thrilled to be at the Greenway as a Restoration Coordinator! Born in Haiti and raised in the Pacific Northwest, her love for the outdoors was sparked by her natural curiosity about the environment. Following her AA degree at Olympic College, she pursued the practice of yoga, completing a 500 Hour RYT with a focus on the mind-body connection to the earth. After nearly a decade of entrepreneurial charisma, she relocated to Haiti to participate in Agroforestry & Syntropic Agriculture efforts, where she worked with local communities to enhance land and food security through sustainable practices. Upon her return to the States, she joined the Washington Service Corps on the Stewardship Associate team, supporting ecological restoration and land management initiatives across the Puget Sound region. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, hiking, backpacking, skiing, fishing, and being a proud plant mama.