Squak Mountain Access Trail construction.

Rebuilding the Squak Mountain Access Trail

Connecting people to nature is what the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust is all about, and trails that connect communities to natural open space are vitally important to Greenway communities.

The Squak Mountain Access Trail, which connects downtown Issaquah with Squak Mountain, is one of those trails. Built in the late 90s, the trail threads its way between newly constructed neighborhoods to reach public lands and forests. Unfortunately in 2019 the trail had to be closed due to safety concerns over partial trail collapse and unsafe conditions.

The City of Issaquah and community (including Issaquah Alps Trails Club) identified this as a priority trail repair. When they asked the Greenway Trust if we wanted to partner on this repair, we jumped at the opportunity. With our interest in partnerships, our passion for both recreation and restoration, and our capacity to take on technically challenging projects that are important to Greenway communities, how could we say no? Issaquah Parks and the Greenway Trust also partnered with a local developer Kelkari One Development LLC to come up with the final full project plan that included hiring regional trails contractor, Northwest Trails, to get the work done. Rowley Properties, Inc. provided needed access.

In late fall of 2020, with funding and permits secured, the project got underway. To stabilize the collapsing trail, significant timber retaining walls were installed along with steps, railings, and a boardwalk. As a final touch the entire trail section was resurfaced and the site was replanted with native plants from the Greenway Trust plant nursery.

Interested in visiting the trail? Directions are found on the City of Issaquah website.