Moving Forward, Together

The divisiveness of the Presidential campaign was disheartening and distressing to many people. We must now come back together and find our common ground to move forward again.

The outdoors is a good place to start. Whether in the woods or in a park, on a trail or on the water, by yourself or with family and friends — spending time outdoors is restorative for body and soul.

The Mountains to Sound Greenway is a tangible example of how diverse interests can work together to make our communities better places for all. At the core of it all are our values: trust, inclusivity, and collaboration.

The Greenway Trust’s unique approach is now more important than ever before. Our local communities are counting on us. Our natural spaces need us (and we need them!). And others around the country need a model for how people can work in cooperation instead of at odds.

We do things differently here in the Pacific Northwest. May that continue to be a point of pride and a beacon of hope.


Jon Hoekstra
Greenway Trust Executive Director