Mountaineer Magazine: Spotlight on National Heritage Area Designation

Mountaineer Magazine arrived on our doorstep this week and includes a great article in support of a National Heritage Area designation for the Mountains to Sound Greenway. Thanks to our partner, the Mountaineers, for supporting this important legislation, and to our Board member, Tom O’Keefe, for writing the article!

The Greenway Trust is working with conservation and recreation leaders, like the Mountaineers, as well as agency officials and key stakeholders to have Congress designate the Mountains to Sound Greenway as a National Heritage Area. National Heritage Areas are places where distinctive natural, cultural, and historic resources tell an important story about our nation’s heritage.

We are leading this effort to preserve our heritage of wilderness on the doorstep of cities, to ensure a strong and lasting connection between the built environment and the natural environment, and to broaden public awareness and stewardship of the Greenway for the long term.

A National Heritage Area designation will solidify the Greenway as a unique and special place because of our history of conservation and recreation. The designation will increase the visibility of the Greenway to generate broad public support and will empower local involvement and collaboration.

If you know that you live in a very special place and care about conserving this landscape for future generations, please help us with this big and important task by:

  • Signing our petition
  • Sending an email to Representatives Reichert, Smith, DelBene, McDermott and Hastings and Senators Cantwell and Murray.
  • Writing a letter in support of the National Heritage Area designation.

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