Granite Mountain Hiker

Loving All Things Local in Greenway

The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust loves working with locally owned businesses, especially those that share our love of the environment, of sustainable development, and of promoting all the cool things to see and do between Seattle and Ellensburg.

That’s why when we began looking for businesses to partner with us in hosting the first ever Mountains to Sound Greenway Photo Contest and Traveling Exhibition, we didn’t ask just anyone. We were particular about approaching only those businesses that fit the Greenway ethos, that share the same ideas and passions we do.

They had to be local, they had to be environmentally and socially sustainable, and they had to be an organization the Greenway would be proud to partner with! And what a lineup we have come up with so far!

The support of Panda Lab in Queen Anne was crucial in allowing us to go ahead with the idea of printing the best photos from the contest and taking them on tour around the Greenway. In a time when so many people get their photos printed online, small, independent photos labs are doing it tough. But when we were looking for someone to bear all the cost and labor of the printing the exhibition, Dana Drake and the Panda Lab crew put their hand up immediately, and were excited to be able to help out the Greenway. And it’s not the first time they have done so for a local nonprofit. Panda Lab understands the importance of investing in the local arts community, and this is exactly the kind of business personality we love! Good on you guys. Panda Lab rules.

Then we went looking for prizes to offer the photo contest winners. We understood that, for small, independent businesses a donation of $200 or so is a bigger chunk out of their bottom line than for larger national chains and corporations.

But even we underestimated the heart of these guys. We were amazed at the generosity and vision of those local businesses that wanted to be a part of the Greenway and donate whatever they could to make the Photo Contest and Exhibition happen. In the process, we put together an awesome package of prizes, with something for everyone.

• For the adrenaline junkies – a tandem paraglide off Tiger Mountain with the experienced bird-men (and bird-women) of Seattle Paragliding.

• Love your local wines? The good folks at Small Lot Wine Co-Op in Woodinville have put together a selection of their finest local reds and whites for one photo contest category winner.

• Stuck for a creative weekend activity? How about a fly-fishing lesson for you and a group of of your friends courtesy of internationally renown fly-fishing guide Dave McCoy of Emerald Water Anglers?

• While away a beautiful summers day with a floating trip down the Yakima River for you and four of your buddies, plus a delicious gourmet lunch, courtesy of the righteous river people at Rill Adventuresin Thorp.

• Taken some beautiful photos in the Greenway? Do them justice with $150 worth of professional quality prints from Moonphoto Lab in Greenwood. A great way to turn a library of great shots into worthy works of art.

• Instant outdoors expert – The Mountaineers Books, the publishing arm of famous hiking and outdoors club, The Mountaineers, will give one category winner their complete range of local hiking guides. Oh the wonders you’ll explore! For over 50 years, Seattle-based Mountaineers Books has published outdoor books focusing on recreation, environment, and adventure for those who participate with nature. Today, with more than 500 titles in print, Mountaineers Books — along with its Skipstone and Braided River imprints — provides readers with information on outdoor recreation, sustainable lifestyle, and conservation advocacy. Mountaineers Books’ Day Hiking Series was introduced in the spring of 2007 with the release of three titles, one of which was Day Hiking Snoqualmie Region which features an abundance of trails in and around the Greenway. Since its introduction to Washington hikers the Day Hiking series has sold over 62,000 copies, 14,000 of which are from Day Hiking Snoqualmie Regionalone. Additionally, each Day Hiking title donates 1% of profits to the Washington Trails Association, hoping to further educate, inspire, and protect the beautiful wilderness within the Greenway for years to come.

These are the businesses helping to keep the Greenway such a unique place. Next time you get the chance, show them you appreciate their support!

If you are a local Greenway business and would love to help support the 20th Anniversary Photo Contest or 20th Anniversary March, we would love to hear from you. Email Erin MacCoy for more information.