Community garden site in Duvall

Introducing a Community Garden and Food Forest in Duvall

An amazing place is coming to a historic space in Duvall. This summer the ground is breaking on a new Community Garden and Food Forest at the historic Doughtery Farmstead. The Community Garden will provide a place for people to grow food, experience the outdoors and learn about permaculture. The project is being headed up by Kyle Koch of Wilderness Awareness School and Michael Muehlbauer of the Beacon Hill Food Forest. Below Kyle tells his journey from planting fruit trees in California to working to build a Food Forest to share with the community of Duvall.

By Kyle Koch

Community garden site in Duvall

After moving out west, I was able to see permaculture principals being implemented first-hand. I helped to build swales and plant fruit trees down at Quail Springs in California, explored the local living style at Hawthorn Farms, saw intersections of passionate people living together in abundance at Wild Farms, and the transformation of city parks by the coming together of the greater community at The Beacon Hill Food Forest (BFF). I was amazed at the amount of food being produced at these places and the sense of love and community that was being shared by these people working together. I came to the realization that this is what I wanted/needed in my life.

Community garden site in Duvall

Inspiration struck me one day as I wandered by a plot of land in the suburbs I knew to be vacant for many years. This plot was overgrown with wild edibles and useful plants. It had great sun exposure and was in close proximity to many, newly built homes with little to no yards. I thought, “This would be a perfect space for a community garden!” After a bit of research I found out this lot was to be turned into more homes with no yards.

I then found out that Duvall did have a P-Patch, but it was recently closed due to poor caretaking efforts. I teamed up with my friend, who was heavily involved with the BFF, and investigated the possibilities. As the proposal came together and whispers of the plan spread, the excitement about creating a Community Garden and Food Forest in Duvall was becoming real. One by one the pieces came together and support was growing. After months of working through the city to secure the land we are pleased to announce our first work party on August 23rd, 2014 in collaboration with the Mountain to Sound Greenway Trust and Wilderness Awareness School!

Imagine walking into a garden overflowing with life, on the edge of a forest of towering oak and walnut. You see beautiful blossoms of apple and cherry, scattered pathways of ripe, juicy berries for all seasons. Birds chirp and wildlife prospers, meanwhile groups of children play nearby, and families share time together outdoors. The garden is natural source of mentorship, and workers sing through their labor in the summer sun.

All this is possible in just a small half acre—but we need your help to make it a reality.

Please contact Kyle Koch at to find out how you can get involved.

Thank You!