Dreaming of Future Adventures in the Greenway

During this challenging time of COVID-19, we’ve all been encouraged to not only practice social distancing, but to also adjust our recreation habits as we work together to slow the spread of this virus. While we may not be able to #GetOutAndGreenway in the same ways we used to right now, it’s the perfect time to start planning and dreaming of your future adventures! To give you a head start on gathering some ideas, we asked a few of the most passionate Greenway lovers we know – our staff – what they most look forward to doing after COVID-19 is behind us.

Our thoughts go out to all those who have already been affected by the virus in any way, shape, or form. We hope this list will evoke happy memories from adventures past, or spark excitement for those still to come. We’d love to hear about the activities you’re most looking forward to and see how you’re enjoying the great indoors or exploring your neighborhood in the meantime. Tag us in your social media posts and, as always, use #GetOutAndGreenway!


“I’d love to visit some of the “open days” at farms in the Snoqualmie Valley, to walk around and see the veggies and flowers growing and pick up some fresh produce. I think my daughter, Nina, would have fun running around in the fields too.” — Margaret

“I look forward to hiking to Esmeralda Basin again, and maybe climbing McClellan Butte.” — Jon

“I am really looking forward to camping with my toddler and husband, starting with some practice camping at Tolt MacDonald Park in Carnation and working up to Olympic National Park!” — Becca

“I’ve wanted to do the Lake Washington Loop bike route, starting from Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park! It’s 40-60 miles depending on what route options you take, and will be an awesome challenge and opportunity to spend a day getting to see other parks, neighborhoods, and local businesses in all the communities that border Lake Washington.” — Janessa

“I would love to hike over Dutch Miller Gap. I have been up the Middle Fork Valley and I’ve been to Waptus Lake from the Salmon La Sac trailhead, but the thought of connecting them sounds incredible. Getting to cross from West to East (or the other way) and see as the forests change while being up in the mountains sounds like a fantastic trip. I am hoping to get out there this summer!” — Evan

“I am looking forward to the Middle Fork Road and Middle Fork Trail re-opening so I can continue my hobby of searching for old-growth trees in the Middle Fork Valley, including a few hidden gems that I haven’t yet seen. For relatively easy old growth viewing in the Middle Fork, there are some big trees near the Middle Fork Trailhead day-use area on the Taylor River.  There is also the “9-hour Giant” about 2 miles in on the Middle Fork Trail (about 100 feet to the north of the trail).  Also, there are amazing old growth Western red cedars on the Marten Lake Trail, just above its junction with the Snoqualmie Lake Trail.” — Dan

“There are too many things to see in the Greenway, and I want to see them all… waterfalls to find; freezing alpine lakes to swim in; trout to catch (and release). But I guess the top thing on my list remains clear: to stand atop the Greenway at its highest point – the peak of Mount Daniel. After two failures to reach the summit – one a quiet failure and then more recently a near-catastrophic one – I am realizing that my desire to get there is stronger than ever. So when all this is over, I look forward to heading up that mountain, stopping for a long look at the place I almost lost my life, and then moving past it. Literally and metaphorically. There are some things on that mountain I need to learn. I can’t imagine a better feeling than reaching the summit later this year.” — Mike

Photo by Ray Lapine

“I would like to bike the Snoqualmie Tunnel and can’t wait to share the Greenway with my grand kids who live in NJ and CA. I’m calling myself the “outdoor gramma”!” — Connie

“I’m excited to: go to plays, shows, and performances; help build the next section of the Towns to Teanaway trail system with our volunteers and trail crews; go to farm stands and local farms for produce in the lower Snoqualmie Valley; and support as many local restaurants and small businesses as possible!” — Amy

Photo by Kelsey Knight, Unsplash

“I’m looking forward to wine tasting at local spots in the Snoqualmie Valley and Woodinville.” — Stephanie

“I want to hike across the Cascades, from Salmon La Sac to the Middle Fork Valley, and bike the Snoqualmie Valley Trail.” — Mackenzie

“I’m excited for getting back out into the Snoqualmie Pass area for the later spring snowpack and skiing some steeper lines, and flyfishing in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness this summer.” — Richard

“I’m excited to get out into the Middle Fork and see old growth trees again. They have been around for hundreds of years and will still be there when all this is over. And I’m excited to share the experience with my new puppy, Noodle!” — Katy

“I hope to be able to get out and hike, camp, and/or backpack nearly every weekend this summer. A few spots on my list include Rachel and Rampart Lakes and Melakwa Lake. I also look forward to kayaking with my husband and friends!” — Katie

Photo by Kate Hliznitsova, Unsplash

“This summer I am hoping to take my picnic game to the next level. One of my favorite seasonal activities is dining al fresco, but picnics for some reason have fallen by the wayside. I love Bon Appetit magazine and everything that they do basically, so I want to combine making delicious snacks and sandwiches (hello mortadella!!) with friends, being outside, and enjoying PNW views. I’m not opposed to working hard for a picnic, i.e. going on a tough hike (I’ve always wanted to check out Dirty Harry’s Balcony!), but I think one of my main goals is to have an excuse to socialize outside. Whether it’s lunching at Lincoln Park or spreading a blanket atop Poo Poo Point, I’m excited to #GetoutandGreenway with friends!” — Eliza

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