Drum roll please…

Photographers of all ages and skill levels have been busy with their cameras in the Mountains to Sound Greenway the past few months, sending us their best images for the Greenway’s 20th Anniversary Photo Contest.

With the entry deadline of July 15 looming, we are coming down to the pointy end of business!

To select the winning images across the six photo contest categories, the Greenway has brought together a team of photographers and supporters of community arts to form the Photo Contest Judging Panel.

Dana Drake is the co-owner of Panda Lab printing. Dana and Panda Lab have been involved with many community photo contests in the Seattle area, and we are pleased to have Dana casting his very discerning eye over the hundreds of contest entries. Dana and Panda Lab will also be printing the 30 photographs chosen for the traveling exhibition.

Jingyu Li is a highly regarded amateur photographer and a member of the Sammamish Arts Commission, one of the most active arts commissions in the region, charged with putting on a constant schedule of high quality exhibitions on the Plateau each year.

Ray Lapine is a retired news camera man who after moving to the Greenway from the midwest recently channeled his considerable film and video experience into still photography. Ray is also a great friend of the Greenway Trust, volunteering his photographic skills to help promote our volunteer events.

Amy Brockhaus is the Greenway Trust’s Information Manager, and one of our most experienced staff members.

Dave Schiefelbein is a nationally renowned photographer who lives and works in the Greenway. As curator, Dave is charged with selecting the 30 images that will make up the Greenway’s Traveling Exhibition, to travel the Greenway from August, 2011, to March, 2012.

Good luck photogs! Only a couple of weeks left to get your prize-winning snaps in the contest!