Photo Credit: City of Bellevue

City of Bellevue Breaks New Ground on Trail

People who walk and bike through the busy Eastgate neighborhood of Bellevue will soon have something to celebrate.

The City of Bellevue broke ground this month on a new section of the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trail, which will eventually connect the trail on the I-90 floating bridge all the way to Issaquah. Construction is now underway on the first segment, which will include a bridge over Factoria Boulevard to separate bicyclists and walkers from automobiles, a tunnel under the existing I-405/eastbound I-90 ramps, increased nonmotorized capacity for the eastbound off-ramp to Factoria Boulevard, and a 12-foot pedestrian and bicycle path heading eastward.

Construction of the first phase, which will stretch from I-405 to the 132nd Ave. SE bridge over I-90, is expected to be complete by the end of 2020.

The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trail represents a key east-west connection in the world-class regional trail system we enjoy. The future vision is that a walker or bicyclist could travel on safe, enjoyable, nonmotorized trail connections between the Puget Sound urban areas and across the Cascades into Central Washington.

The vision of a trail through Eastgate began as Bellevue residents and planners worked to envision a transit-oriented, walkable neighborhood in a location originally designed for automobiles. The Greenway Trust secured the original National Scenic Byways grant in 2011, with additional funds from City of Bellevue, Puget Sound Regional Council, and construction funds from the Washington State Legislature.

Additional transportation funding will be needed to complete this critical gap in the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trail in the coming years.

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