Carter Receives Award for Planting 110,000+ Trees in Greenway

Carter Subaru has just received the 2015 Environment Corporate Champion Award from the Puget Sound Business Journal and the Seattle Foundation. The award was presented today at PSBJ’s Corporate Citizenship Awards Luncheon.

People do great things for the Greenway every day, and we just can’t say thank you enough. How lucky that, this time, we have some help from the Puget Sound Business Journal. There is no question that Carter richly deserves this honor.

Carter Subaru is one of the region’s greatest corporate environmental champions, setting a national example of conservation business ethics through its home-grown “On the Road to Carbon Neutral” tree-planting program.

Since the program launched in 2008, Carter Subaru and Volkswagen have donated more than one million dollars, which has been used in partnership with the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust to plant more than 110,000 native trees in the greater Puget Sound region.

As our society struggles with how to limit the impact of growing cities and population on the natural climate and environment, Carter Subaru is making a huge investment in something that does just that: native trees are critical to the health of ecosystems and overall quality of life in this region. Trees improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gases by capturing carbon emissions; shade creeks and streams, cooling water for threatened salmon; reduce stream bank erosion and filter pollutants, improving water quality; and provide important wildlife habitat.

Carter’s contributions also provide a foundation for volunteer environmental stewardship in our community. Since 2008, Carter Subaru has been the largest supporter of a program that has rallied 30,000 volunteers out to work in parks, natural areas, and communities, donating 350,000 hours of work.

Funding from Carter Subaru carries an even higher dollar value than is shown in their announced giving total. Their donations bring additional dollars to benefit this community by providing the local matching funds necessary to win government grants.

Thank you, Carter Subaru, for being an environmental champion for the Greenway!