Gordon (second from left) and his fellow adventurers

Behind-the-Scenes Adventure…Hassle Free

Biking through the Snoqualmie Tunnel with 140 other outdoor enthusiasts should be on everyone’s bucket list. I guarantee that this icy (34 degrees!), historic, pitch-black (headlights not optional), multi-use trail tunnel (watch out for hikers and horses) will be the coolest 2.3 miles you have ever biked. After dodging a few people who had pulled over to let their eyes adjust to the darkness I set off to explore the Greenway with a few friends!

At first the only thing that was visible was the gravel illuminated on the trail by our headlights. Eventually, our eyes adjusted to the inky blackness of the tunnel and allowed me and my compatriots to see a high, curved ceiling, hinting that this tunnel was once part of the famous Milwaukee Road (railroad).  The end of the tunnel soon revealed itself as a pinprick of light – no larger than a single star in a black night sky. To say the experience of riding your bicycle in a dark tunnel was surreal would be an understatement. You simply have to experience it for yourself.

After biking the 2.3 miles of chilly blackness, 140 chilled, but enthusiastic, explorers emerged into the brilliant daylight of summer to witness the classic I-90 mountain views. From there, we biked another 18 miles of beautiful trail, historic snowsheds, and railroad trestles spanning ravines.

Although my traveling companions and I had tried to fill up on handfuls of ripe salmonberries found along the way, we were more than ready for the BBQ at the Cedar River Watershed. Thanks to a hardworking team of smiling volunteers, we feasted on burgers, potato salad, and cookies. While we ate, Greenway Staffers Margaret and Cynthia explained the new membership program and how, amongst many other endeavors, the Greenway Trust works to protect the beautiful landscape and the trail that we had just enjoyed.

The next Explore the Greenway Trip is a hike across Rattlesnake Mountain on Saturday, August 4th. Bring a few friends along and introduce them to one of the Mountains to Sound Greenway’s most iconic trails. Once again the Greenway Trust will handle the shuttle, logistics, and BBQ – allowing you to enjoy the beautiful views. Adventure awaits!

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How I can sign up for more awesome adventures?
Check out our next trip, August 4th, where we will be hiking across Rattlesnake Mountain.

What is the Snoqualmie Tunnel?
At 2.3 miles long it is the longest recreational tunnel in the nation, if not the world (sorry Copenhagenize). Besides being extremely long the tunnel is also very cold (34 degrees!). This tunnel is also steeped in history and was just recently reopened last summer during the Greenway’s 20thAnniversary Trek. Iron Horse State Park is a long skinny park that encompasses either side of the 100+ mile John Wayne Pioneer Trail. Washington State Parks are here for everyone to enjoy so please leave no trace on your visit.

What is the Membership Program:
Greenway members come from all walks of life, from hikers to business owners, and farmers to naturalist, among many others.

We all share a common belief that people who live in this region deserve livable communities and healthy green spaces that we can enjoy today and leave as a legacy for generations to come.

Your membership makes a powerful statement: I love this region and I’m committed to preserving its open spaces, trails, communities, and more. Become a member today!