Greenway Trust staff monitor live stream of S. 47 on the floor of the House of Representatives

Another Win for Greenway National Heritage Designation!

We’ve crossed the biggest hurdle yet – our quest for designating the Mountains to Sound Greenway as a National Heritage Area (NHA) has cleared both chambers of Congress!

Today, the House of Representatives decisively passed the Natural Resources Management Act that earlier passed the Senate. As in the Senate, the vote was overwhelmingly bipartisan – 363-62 – reflecting popular support for our public lands all across the country. The legislation is now on its way to the White House where it is expected to be signed into law. We are closely monitoring these final steps and will continue to share updates as we get them.

For now, Congratulations! and Thank you! to everyone who has supported the Greenway NHA campaign over the last eight years. We have come so far in this effort and feel awed to reflect on all that has been achieved. We did this together and it wouldn’t have happened any other way.

NHA designation will put the future of the Greenway on the map, increasing visibility in the face of rapid regional growth and funding potential to support agency collaboration. NHA designation affirms our commitment to reach every community and every corner of the 1.5 million acre landscape to engage people as stewards of their public lands, trails, natural resources and cultural heritage. The overarching care for the Greenway, the people who live here, and the connections between them, is the driver of the NHA vision to inspire action to protect and enhance this place we all love.

We are the closest we’ve ever been – one signature away – and we’re ready to cross the finish line together.