High Point to Preston cycle track

A trail runs alongside it

A new cycle track now connects the regional trail link between Issaquah and Preston.

King County recently installed a .7-mile cycle track along High Point Way, just east of the High Point to Preston regional trail that runs parallel to Interstate 90.

“The Mountains to Sound Greenway encompasses a world-class regional trail system,” says Cynthia Welti, Executive Director of the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust. “Our vision is that a walker or bicyclist could travel on safe, enjoyable, off-road routes that connect Puget Sound urban areas to the Cascades and central Washington. Filling this gap between Issaquah and Preston will allow a cyclist to travel from the Burke-Gilman Trail in Seattle to an overlook at Snoqualmie Falls, a scenic 50-mile journey.”

The Washington State Department of Transportation completed the construction of a 1.25-mile section of the regional trail in 2010, which began the connection from the Issaquah to High Point Trail, yet ended just short of the Preston-Snoqualmie Trail trailhead. This new segment of roadside cycle track, built by King County Road Services Division, completes the connection. The cycle track provides a bicycle lane in both directions, separated from the automobile lanes.

“With this cycle track, we are able to complete another missing link in King County’s 175-mile Regional Trails System, while creating a safer and more enjoyable experience for trail visitors,” said Dave White, acting assistant director of King County Parks. “Partnering with King County Road Services Division ensured that this link was able to be made.”

Photo by Eli Browning, King County Parks.