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New trail connects Renton parks August 11, 2011
The south end of Lake Washington boasts an exciting new regional trail connection. A newly completed section of the Logan Avenue Trail nearly completes the
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Welcome Glazer’s Camera! July 29, 2011
Just when we thought the list of prizes couldn’t get any better, Glazer’s Camera has signed on as a prize sponsor of the
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Meet our 2011 Summer Interns! July 28, 2011
This summer I have had the pleasure of being able to work with four amazing interns in all areas of the Greenway. Whether they are
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Trek Talk: Double Up Your Bagel July 27, 2011
Some elements that made the Trek so fun were the new friendships I made, the adventure, the weather, and my new-found appreciation of the little
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You’re invited…aka The Celebrations Continue! July 20, 2011
Our 20th Anniversary Photo Contest closed on Friday and our jury members are currently in the process of selecting our winners and choosing the 30 photos
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Trek Talk…A Trekker Reflects July 12, 2011
There was stargazing above Rattlesnake Lake. There were campfire sing-a-longs and an uncanny rendition of “Rhinestone Cowboy.” There were blisters and cramps and cringe-worthy sunburns. 
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Trek Talk…A walk in the woods and a party in the park July 8, 2011
After 3 days of biking through the Greenway, on Wednesday the Trekkers said good bye to their equestrian friends, left their bikes behind and began their
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Trek Talk…The Tunnel Edition! July 5, 2011
It was a great day to celebrate our history! The Trekker Equestrians arrived early to the event, tethering their horses nearby. While they awaited the
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Trek Talk…on the road…in the wind! July 4, 2011
Sunshine. Sunshine. Sunshine! What a way to welcome 60+ enthusiastic Trekkers to the eastside of the Greenway on Saturday. As everyone rolled into our first camp
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Trek Talk! July 1, 2011
The Greenway is buzzing about the 20th Anniversary Trek. Hikes, concerts, bike rides, celebrations, and more…What better way to get to know your neighbors,
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Discovering the new Discover Pass June 30, 2011
Heading out to Mt. Si, Lake Easton State Park, Tiger Mountain, Iron Horse State Park or other favorite places in the Mountains to Sound Greenway
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Drum roll please… June 26, 2011
Photographers of all ages and skill levels have been busy with their cameras in the Mountains to Sound Greenway the past few months, sending us
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