Frost Mountain Lookout Trail: 1366.1

Priority Areas:
Upper Yakima Basin
Map Categories:

This is a short connector trail between Frost Mountain (1366) and Frost Jeep Trail (4W310)

Official Trail
Trail Details:
Trail ID: 1366.1; Length: 0.23 mi; Trail Surface: Natural/Soft Surface
Natural/Soft Surface
Recreation Options:
Summer Sports: Motorcycling; Other Allowed Uses: Hiking, Horseback Riding, Mountain Biking,
Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, Kittitas County, WA
Driving Directions:
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[-121.00348142974, 47.067466258704][[-121.00348142973645,47.067466258703639],[-121.00277315679969,47.067233434537464],[-121.00197715179934,47.06705756956292],[-121.00108067714699,47.066618973518544],[-121.0006618935666,47.066503673874678],[-121.00006066178968,47.06618270848417],[-120.99995950286592,47.065960465487429],[-120.99975894025961,47.065776980733595],[-120.99975929802608,47.065547510744224]]