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Pony Up for a Potty

Keep human floaters in the river and the other floater out!

Donate Now ButtonLess than an hour from Seattle is the beautiful Snoqualmie River. Every summer over 26,000 people come out to enjoy its beauty, bathe in its coolness and float its currents and yet there is no toilet.

This campaign is simple- raise the funds needed for a permanent vault toilet for the river access site.

How much do you value a toilet? $5, $10, $20? How much do you value a clean river to swim and float in? Name your price and Pony up for a Potty!

What We Need

The vault toilet will be purchased and installed by CXT company. It will cost $16,000 for a one hole toilet (it is $29,000 for two hole) plus $2,000 for permitting.

The Impact

In the Northwest we pride ourselves on our green forests, pure air and clean streams, but those things don’t just happen on their own. A beautiful natural world, immediately adjacent to urban centers requires immense effort. Please join the many forward thinking individuals that have paved the way for our region and put your time and money where it counts!

Risks & Challenges

State agencies struggle today to get the funds they need to build and maintain our public spaces.  For 23 years the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust has been working side by side with the public agencies to help fill the gaps and give support where needed.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please spread the word! Over 26,000 people use this river area each year- if just half of them gave $2 we’d make our goal so please tell your friend, neighbor, social media community. Just a little will go a long ways if we have enough folks. Please use the share tools to get the word out.

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