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Middle Fork Road Construction

Middle Fork Road

Road to bring more recreation use

A construction project on 10 miles of the Middle Fork Road will improve recreation access for hikers, kayakers, mountain bikers, equestrians and others who enjoy this nearby wild valley. Major improvements to this notorious, pothole-filled access road will take place over four summers, 2014-2017. The Federal Highway Administration awarded the construction contract to Active Construction of Tacoma. This long-awaited project will greatly enhance water quality in the valley, reduce sediment runoff into wetlands and streams, diminish summer dust clouds from the current gravel road, and open coastal cutthroat trout migration routes that have been blocked for decades.

While recreation-seekers will be impacted by summer construction closures, in the long term the new road will allow much improved access into the spectacular Middle Fork Valley.


Roadwork on Middle Fork Road

Summer 2017 Closures

Mid-week construction work will start again August 7th and continue through September 1st. During this time, the road will be closed to all access past Valley Camp (including no access to Mailbox Peak) noon Monday - noon Friday.

During the weekends (noon Friday - noon Monday), the road will re-open, although up to 60 minute delays may occur.

Learn more about the paving project on FHWA's website.



Photo credit (bottom): Monty VanderBilt

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