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Women join forces to work on Little Si Trail

Ear to the Ground
Annual Women in the Woods Day brings female volunteers together to restore trails.

DNR would like to thank the 21 women who participated in last Saturday’s Women in the Woods event, sponsored by Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust. The women spent May 14 working on Little Si Trail, just outside of North Bend. The trail is part of the Mount Si Natural Resources Conservation Area, managed by DNR.

The women–high-school aged to middle aged–wielded pulaskis, moved rocks, and built rock turnpikes to improve a muddy section of the trail. All in all, it was a great day of camaraderie and problem solving. For some of the women, it was their first time participating in a trail maintenance project. Many of the volunteers belonged to Women Climbers Northwest.

Thanks, also, to REI of Issaquah for co-sponsoring the event.

There’s still plenty of work to be done on Little Si Trail. Mountains to Sound Greenway is sponsoring a work party there June 4, which is National Trails Day.

Check back on this blogsite to find out what other National Trails Day events are taking place on DNR-managed lands. Or, go to DNR’s volunteer calendar to see a list of National Trails Day events.

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