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Update: New paved trail is ready for pounding

By Kiersten Throndsen
Komo- Beacon Hill

Feet were in a frenzy to hit up the new multi-purpose trail on Beacon Hill.

Several dozen folks turned out for the ribbon cutting and official grand opening of the 12-foot wide - paved walkway connecting the I-90 trail at the south end of the Jose Rizal Bridge with Holgate Street in Seattle's SODO area.

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn was on hand for the festivities. The city says today's event showcases a 20-year long partnership between public and private entities.

"This is one of the best parts of being Mayor.I get to be in places and see the work the community members have done.This has been a big deal for the community for a long time. I am just glad to be there with them and share with them their success," he said.

The new trail is part of the regional Mountains to Sound Greenway trail system.

According to a release put out by the city:

"The new trail is the first in Seattle to be illuminated by street lights, placed about every 160 feet, as part of CrimePrevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) techniques.  Other improvements include fencing on both sides of the level pathway, easy to read directional signs, removal of invasive species and native plantings to enhance the experience for all users."

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